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WHY reinvent the wheel and why is my tongue purple?

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and why is my tongue purple?

Today we have a couple of stories that share the same theme. The first is produce buying and selling. I have been on both sides of this equation for many years and I can remember what Anthony Robbins stated on his tapes over 3 decades ago. “ Find someone who is successful and use that for a template for your success” I am paraphrasing here. In other words, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. In this week’s video I will tell you what happened just this past week. The names have been changed because if it were me I would be very embarrassed and I am about learning and teaching not embarrassing anyone. I will point out a few things that I believe made me successful. First, NEVER put profits before your word or you character.

I never met a load I could retire on so I did business with the same people for decades. Loyalty is a two-way street, give it to get it. Many more tidbits I today’s video.

Next, we have the farmers to family’s box program. I am happy with all that are involved in this program. The problem again, trying to reinvent the wheel. We already have an extremely efficient supply chain, all we would have to do to see this is while there was many items missing from retailers’ shelves several months ago, produce displays were stacked high and we never missed a beat. As I have stated right from the start, “ Issue debit cards to the citizens in need and they can use those cards to only buy fresh foods” You could help many more people at a reduced cost. There is also the self-respect factor. Wouldn’t it be better to have people shopping in their neighborhood stores, with their families instead of waiting on line at a food pantry? The answer is obvious to me.

If I missed saying Happy Birthday to you in the first few days of the New Year, blame LinkedIn, they did not send the notifications. Let me say ha happy belated birthday to all I missed.

If you live in Texas try this APP. Coming soon to Pennsylvania,. Ohio and NJ as well as many other states.

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