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What if the "New Normal" turns out better than the "old normal"?

What if after we come out od our current situation the “New Normal is actually better than the “old normal”? I am an eternal optimist and I see some very good things ahead for our country and for the produce industry. This virus has done for produce in 3 months what I have been trying to do the last 2 years, get the message out that produce is good for you, good for your body, good for your immune system and good for the planet. We now even see produce featured in television ads, via Sysco, which is something I wanted the larger retail chains to do for over a decade. I will discuss the finer points in today’s video.

Last week I spoke to @shaymyers about USA grown products and imports. Let me point out that Shas has taught me more about Onions in the last few months than I learned in the previous 30 years, I recommend his videos highly. I will bring up some of the finer points of our conversation that dealt with America first, protectionism, free markets, supply and demand. To be honest you will see that I can argue both sides of this story also in today’s video.

Lastly, it seems that the box program has run into some snags and a few recipients’ have been put on Pause, isn’t that shocking? We all knew it and now I guess the USDA is finding out that this ASS is too big to cover, they were in CYA mode, but the pressure is mounting against their ridiculously flawed program. Sunday & Monday’s posting, which pointed out flaws and possible solutions already has over 20,000 views collectively, we can make a difference but unfortunately, we need the USDA to come clean and do their jobs correctly and honestly to get our desired outcome.

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