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Good morning from San Antonio. I am getting ready for the drive back home to Mission Tx. I have to say that Viva Fresh was a resounding success for both exhibitors and attendees and has been my favorite show of the year. The venue, the food, the educational and recreational experiences, the exhibits and the attendees where all top notch. If you have never been to this show, the Rio Grande Valley has become the number 1 crossing for produce from Mexico, so if you value your business, I would make my reservations now to attend this show next year.

I have to tell you I was humbled by the amount of people that came up to me and told me they read my blog every week and look forward to it. I met so many wonderful people, had so many great conversations about produce I wish the show didn’t end. I have a renewed energy inflicted into me, especially by young produce professional, a generation or two junior than I that are truly passionate about produce and want to make it change for the better. I told them as they learn they must also teach because this is the way to move produce forward. Another thing I learned is the younger generations believe what I have been saying all along, they hate plastic surrounding their produce. If you are listening retail, you better get naked when it comes to fresh produce. I thought that millennials would have given me the most pushback on retail, packaging, contracts etc. but they were the ones that agreed with me the most. My skin has goosebumps as I am writing this because of the sheer energy and insight I have gained through them and them through me, so watch out produce world I have a new army of produce soldiers that want to change this business for the better as much as I do.

On another note an old friend of mine has secured 600 acres of organic farmland in Texas as well as a packing house and a cold storage facility. We are only in the planning stages for next year, so if you need anything grown organically or conventionally in Texas as well as in Mexico. I told you something big was coming and you will be very surprised when I let you in on a few more secrets in the coming months.


I have some good news for you, the markets are going up. The bad news there was nowhere to go but up from last week. The new month begins mid-week and with that a renewal of spring business. The one thing that sticks out the most is that the volume this spring has been extremely low on the grower’s side and with any increase in business you can see a big jump in prices. I really appreciate all of you and thank you! See you on Wednesday.

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