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May God bless you and your families. My Christmas wish this year is for me, my Family , friends and business associates this year is to be a better person next year. By better I don’t mean more money, bigger house. more vacations or more business. I mean to actually be a better person. More helpful, more compassionate, more understanding. The world seems is becoming an ugly place and instead of fighting over our differences we should celebrate our similarities. Most people will be quick to point out what you dislike about your spouse, friend or coworker. When was the last time you pointed out something you liked? Have you ever? I have to tell you I know some wonderful people that are Cops, Black, Muslim, Gay, Lesbian, gun owners, gun haters, atheist to name a few and if you think any group is all good or all bad I think you should open your eyes! No one has the exclusive on all good or all bad and this has been proven throughout history. I am not so naïve to say not to be vigilant and be wary of the bad people in this world what I am saying is if you have a choice pick good over evils, life over death, comfort over pain, generosity over greed etc. My perfect role model would be my wife Veronica. She truly loves helping people even strangers. She lights up when she is helping anyone or any animal, bUT try to hurt her family and watch this 98# beauty turn into the Tasmanian devil. The difference here of course is a real threat not a perceived one.

During the coming year I want more friends and no enemies. I want to help as many people as I can and not hurt one. I want to love more and hate no one . I want to Thank God everyday for my life and say I am sorry for asking him to hit the lottery but I could really use it. I want to do more business with current and new customers not for the money but for the gratification I get from doing a good job and helping them grow their business. I want to be a better Dad. I obviously did some things right. My Oldest daughter and Veronica’s 3 boys seem to think I am greatest but I have a Son who seems not to want me in his life, I want to love Veronica and my children even more if possible because without them I am nothing. I want to volunteer my time to help people less fortunate. I don’t want to be a tough guy but if necessary I will be a hero.

Please add what you want to do this year to be a better person next year in the comments. Next year hopefully the word will be a better place because of us. I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEARS. Let’s be the best we can be.

So if you read this last year are you a better person this year? Keep building on your successes and keep demolishing your deficiencies.

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