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Ugly and Misfit Produce

Good morning, I read this week #Kroger will be starting an ugly fruit program. Ugly, misfits and all the rest is a flawed idea. The premise is to curtail food waste and give the consumer a bargain with blemished produce, both are a fallacy. The picture below is PERFECT tomatoes being dumped because they were not sold and the other is a picture of perfect produce being turned into misfits because of poor handling or bad displays or on timely sales or all of the above. The bargain, they claim is they charge about 40% less for ugly but the truth is they charge you 40% too much for perfect produce that then turns into misfits because the way the major #retail chains sell produce is broken. A certain percentage of Perfect produce will always turn ugly and can be discounted without the expense of bagging and branding it. To give the #growers #consumers a bargain the real bargain is in a brand I call "PLETHORA" which is perfect produce sold at a discount when at its peak of perfection. This will also aid in giving consumers the confidence they need to buy your produce through omni Chanels It's time to stop the blind leading the blind #sustainability #Walmart #produce #vegetables #fruit perfect is best. Ask me how?

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