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Tomato extortion, what's next?

Good morning and Happy Sunday. I am back in Texas and hopefully there will be more videos, which you seem to love so much coming, but until then you will have to put up with me writing and you reading.


RED PEPPERS- There were fewer red peppers to ship last week than the preceding 3 weeks from California. The counter to this there were a few more Canadians as well as a few more Mexicans available. Number ones from California were especially in short supply and many orders went unfilled. This coming week I expect the 15# lg/xl to still bring $32-$35 at the terminal level. Choice may come off and bring $30-$35, they brought as high as $40 last week, and will have added competition from the Canadian display boxes. When I walked the market last week in NY, I saw a few different labels of reds, they were all blocky type and some although new field peppers had decay on the shoulders and were not full red. Canadians do not hold up on retail displays as well as Californians to begin with so if they have problems they may lose the retail business quickly. There is no doubt there will be more reds available this week from California, Canada and Mexico and this will take the edge off the market, but as I stated a few weeks ago this market is not going to get cheap. It will come off its highs, but we are not going very low. Retail/wholesale demand is light this week, end of the month, week of the 2’s and the end of AUUUGUST, but next week will be better demand going into slightly better supplies and depending on quality and volume of Canadian and Mexican peppers we may see a lower market or a two tier market. I will keep you informed.

YELLOW PEPPERS – More volume from Mexico will take this market lower.

GREEN PEPPERS – Still too many coming from too many places and coupled with the week of the 2’s, this market will stay in the $10-$12 range on XL.

CUCUMBERS – Same story different week. Western cukes are $20-$22 fob and it seems like everyone wants them over cukes at half their price. SS cukes will still bring $30 plus at the terminal level.

ROMA TOMATOES – In case you haven’t heard there is an agreement in place for a new suspension agreement. There will be a 30-day period for comments before it will be signed. I encourage you to read it. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the USA government to be a part of extortion on behalf of the Florida tomato growers, which is a euphemism for 3 large greedy tomato conglomerates, whom also grow many acres in Mexico. It’s a SHAM. The growers had to sign because they could not keep up with the tariffs and they would severely limit the amount of tomatoes they could ship to the USA. What I believe the Mexican growers don’t realize is succumbing to this pressure and signing a bad deal, which it is, will limit the amount of tomatoes US importers are willing to buy, I for one am seriously considering ending my relationship with tomatoes. Anyone whom has been reading my writing for well over 20 years knows that I am a veteran, I bleed red, white and blue and I believe in America first. America first meant to me because we were the best. What the government did with these tomatoes makes me feel embarrassed. Write this down, it’s not over. Next you will see the same claims for Peppers, Cucumbers and Eggplants from Florida growers against Mexican growers, yes and the same 3 families will be involved.

AVOCADOS – Prices are still sliding but the Peruvians will stop soon and that should help this market stabilize.

KABOCHA – We now have it available from Canada as well as California. Prices will come off a little with this added volume until the weather cools off and we see an increase in demand.

WATERMELONS- Supplies are up prices are down and it’s almost time to switch from Bins to Boxes.

Have a great day.

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