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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Good morning and Happy Sunday. This is one of the most important post I have ever written, and I would appreciate it greatly if you shared it with everyone you know, especially those whom import Avocados and mangos. The first picture is of and he is a Julio Honore alias Julio Rosales. Please do not conduct any business with him or his various companies. He is a fraud, he falsifies shipping documents that fooled an experienced customs broker, and he may be one of the best liars on the planet. This post will cost me much personal embarrassment but to stop this thief from ever hurting anyone in my produce family will be worth the personal embarrassment.

Julio and his companies were one of my suppliers of Colombia Avocados. The companies he uses are INTER FRUIT COLOMBIA S.A.S., for this company he uses Banco Colombia in Medellin Colombia. He also uses NATPER FRESH FRUIT INC. and uses Bank of America in New York. There is a company with the same name in Peru, Julio is from Peru and may or may not be affiliated with that company. He also has some affiliation with this LinkedIn profile company. INTERNATIONAL FRESH FRUIT TRADING located in Miami Florida.

WhatsApp number is +57 302 4572549, feel free to call him, but I warn you don’t believe a word he says. He should get an academy award for acting, and I would never state these facts without irrefutable proof.

Our business is inherently a difficult business. First you have to buy right, then load right, then sell right, hopefully make a profit, pay your bills then collect your money in a timely fashion. The last thing our produce family needs a thief that wans to circumvent all the steps to make an illegitimate profit at our expense.

My avocado program obviously hit a bump in the road but we are quickly acquiring more growers to fill in the gaps. I have also contacted many producers and packing housed in Colombia as well as their avocado associations to warn them of Julio Rosales. There is no reason for him to be in this business to hurt my produce family. I love you and I love the produce business and all the people in it, minus 1. Click the link for the Video Market report and Julio Rosales Picture ( Sorry I am sea and the internet is too slow for a video. I will add it tomorrow morning when in port.

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