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Thieves, Produce and Boxes, getting it right the second time

Hello and happy Wednesday and a big Happy Birthday to my Son Cristian who turns 19 today. Yes, his brother turned 20 on Sunday, their Mom was busy that year. I am very fortunate to be their Dad now, along with Miguel who is 14. Another reason for celebration it seems we made enough noise as an industry to hopefully get the USDA to take another look at their seriously flawed box program. I have to thank all the people whom went above and beyond to get our serious concerns some attention. Hopefully we will get a better outcome when we get a closer look at how this program was allocated. I can tell you on the surface it does not look well for the USDA and further proof that government in produce or your life for that matter has a terrible outcome.

If you saw my post from Monday about that thief in Colombia who has robbed several people, you will also know it was taken down twice off of my page. I don’t know how or why would take it down, why are they protecting a thief. He has used several names for himself and his company. The company that contacted me was IFFT. Then after I posted his fraud, he changed it to IFCS, then 2 hours later after Monday’s post he changed it to IFS. He uses fraudulent shipping documents and works with other people so PLEASE don’t get fooled by this thief. Please share it with everyone you know, he blocked me but he can’t block all of you, so let’s put him out of business for good.

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