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Good morning and Happy Wednesday. I will be visiting New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia next week and I would love to meet you. Then the following week it’s off to Colombia to hopefully put the finishing touches on our avocado program. Lastly the repairs and upgrades to our warehouse in Texas are proceeding rapidly, we will start planting our fall organic and conventional crops next month, so if you have any interest or requests now is the time to contact me. Let’s grow together.

Many of you have been reading my newsletters that started 25 years ago by fax, then called “The Alpha and Omega Report”, which then transformed to an email report and now as a blog.

I have tortured you with my opinions so know it’s your turn for retribution. Let me know what you like and dislike? Let me know your opinions on growing, retail, wholesale, foodservice and do you see is the future of these segments? I also have a few questions that I hope you can answer? What is the cost that food safety documentation and implementation has added to the cost of your product? Do you think that food safety has gone too far or not far enough? What does sustainable mean to you? Is packaging at the retail level necessary? What are some metrics in retail that will shock me? I have thousands more questions, let’s start with these to get a conversation going. I would appreciate everyone being civil to one another if you disagree, we are all trying to make the produce industry better and all opinions help.


Next week is the end of the month and you all know how I feel about this and it is never good news. The week of the 2’s is never good for business, even when an item is HOT it quickly turns to NOT at the end of the month.

RED PEPPERS – The heat of last week dramatically cut supplies in Coachella and the market went higher. The bad news is that the new areas in Bakersfield usually start around July 7th. There are new Mexican red peppers crossing through Texas that may help take the edge off the market there are also older Mexican Peppers that can’t make delivery down the block. If it was not the end of the month, I would like this market, supplies are short in California but with the lackluster demand it probably not makes a difference.

YELOW PEPPERS - They are extremely short and can be higher than red peppers.

GREEN PEPPERS – Every time you think this market is coming off it goes back up. New peppers in Bakersfield but mostly Jumbo, they are beautiful.

CUCUMBERS. This market has leveled off. There are decent supplies with limited demand.

ROMA TOMATOES – Good quality reasonable pricing for at least a week. Be careful around the beginning of July when the market usually gets stronger.

WATERMELONS – BIG supplies little demand and great quality. Make offers.

Avocados - You will have to wait for me to get back from Colombia to fix this market. They are extremly high and tight.

Have a great day and I’ll see you Sunday. Answer some questions for me Please?

Thank you

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