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The Terminal Market Report 3/9/19

Good morning and Happy Saturday for the Sunday posting. First and most important I will not be available by any means of communication on Monday noon for 24 to 36 hours. So, shipper/Growers I need to know what you have for the week early and customers please send me your orders early Monday morning. I should be back in the swing of things Tuesday afternoon.

Last week supplies were exceedingly light but to be honest I didn’t like the demand side of the equation on a couple of items. Warmer weather has returned, and supplies will be better going forward, and we have a new section which has started production which will help the supply situation, barring any severe weather.

RED PEPPERS. The range this week was from 20.95 to 26.95 fob on 15# reds. I thought the terminals would have been much higher priced towards the end of the week, but they topped out at $26. The market for the beginning of the week should easily be $28 to $30, which is where I thought it would end up last week. Again, even with severely short supplies, the demand did not take us there. The last time we had these severe shortages was around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and the markets went into the $40’s. That is the difference that demand makes.

YELLOW PEPPERS This is a severely short market. Prices will be higher than reds. 25# yellows will be in the $40’s

GREEN PEPPERS – This market is still short and is MUCH higher. XL green peppers should bring in the mid $30’s or more.

GREEN SQUASH. More volume lower prices. When the elevator falls it does not stop half way down.

YELLOW SQUASH. More volume lower prices. The elevator may have some brakes. J

CUCUMBERS – SS cukes 18.95 to 20.95 on SS and less volume. Market prices on the East coast should be $30 and maybe a little higher.

EGGPLANTS – Quality issues here and many different lots. The best should bring mid $20’s Fob ranges from $8.95. to $14.95. You get what you pay for.

ROMA TOMATOES Set your watch 2 weeks before we start the spring Roma deal, usually around March 15, roma tomatoes take off. Then soon after the 15’th they fall back to earth.

Had you taken my contracts as I told you to do, you would be paying half the FOB prices right now, don’t make the same mistake next year.

AVOCADOS – One of the reasons I came to Colombia seven years ago was to export avocados and mangos to the USA. It has been a long journey, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My dream is for this to be a national program with consistent, high quality supplies that are not affected by the yearly manipulations and embargos we now see in our supplies. I do have Mexican Avocados available now for whomever needs them.

LIMES Remember I told you about limes in March? Oh well you should have listened. They are now demand exceeds supplies. Lucky for you I am in Colombia and they have limes. It takes about 10 days to get them to you so send me your orders fast. Colombian limes are not as green as Mexicans, but they are very juicy.

I will be returning from Colombia on March 24. Please email, text or WhatsApp.

It has been an adventure getting my messages.

Gracias Y adios

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