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The terminal market report

Good morning and Happy Sunday. I have said it hundreds of times demand make a market not supplies or a lack thereof. Last week was a perfect example of this, supplies were extremely short due to the cold in Mexico, but demand was lethargic and prices in the markets moderated and didn’t reach their desired levels. The major reason factor which made last week as well as the whole month of February terrible is there were no government checks in February. I have mentioned this before, because of the government shutdown the checks which should have come in February came at the end of January. This is also the reason the end of January was very good and the first to the last week in February became progressively worse. Well the good news is that March is here, and I expect there to be lots of hungry people waiting to buy fresh produce and I do expect all of the market to react accordingly.

I will be traveling to Colombia on March 6thand returning on the 24thand hopefully will have new item to add to my repertoire, so stay tuned.

RED PEPPERS – The red pepper volume was already past its peak before the cold weather hit Mexico which just exacerbated the problem. Red peppers are extremely short. To make matters worse a bug hit many fields and the plants have been stressed to the max this year due to the weather and I believe at least part of the Mexico deal will end early this year. This applies to Yellow and orange peppers as well. Red peppers should bring $24 plus on 15#, $30 plus on choice and $35 plus on 25# xl. Yellow and orange should be higher than this.

GREEN PEPPERS – As predicted they were taken for an upward ride with red and yellow peppers and then compounded by the fact Florida has had lots of rain and they are coming up short as well. This market can start at mid-twenties and up and easily reach $30.

GREEN SQUASH- This market was somewhat short for a while with prices in the $8-$10 on Fancy green. Which should translate into a $15-$18 market. WE are now transitioning back into Northern Mexico and also have much warmer temperatures which could bring this market down relatively quickly. Same scenario with Yellow and Grey squash but both starts out with much higher prices in the $20 range

CUCUMBERS – I liked this market from last week to go higher and it did not disappoint me. Market should start out no less than $25 and inch towards $30 as the week goes along

EGGPLANTS. Pick a brand and toss a coin. This market is from $6 to $12 fob so depending what you have invested will determine your price. FYI quality is both good and bad in both price ranges.

ROMA TOMATOES. Off the bottom BUT new roma tomatoes will be starting around mid month so this little rise may not last long. XL Roma $14/$16

HARD SQUASH All of the hard-shell squash prices will be higher. Supplies dried up pretty quickly, especially kabocha which was being quoted at $14.95 to $16.95 fob by weeks end which puts it in the mid-twenty selling range.

LIMES AND AVOCADOS are chugging along at their new higher prices.

You will hopefully have more coming from me from beautiful COLOMBIA.

I hope to continue my Wednesday and Sunday reports while I am away, internet permitting.

Have a great week see you on Wednesday.

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