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The suspension agreement wrapped in Plastic

Good morning and happy Wednesday. See you can’t get rid of me that easy. I couldn’t sleep so I had a couple of extra hours so here I am. My mind and body are refreshed from day of hiking, climbing and swimming and today more of the same. At this stage of my life I judge my success by the happy faces that can be attributed to me and all I can say is I am a very successful man.

Ok let’s get to the produce section. Please read the following article on the suspension tomato agreement, its important. I only have one thing to say about it and realizing it is only in its preliminary stages, where is the commerce department getting their information and who is either paying them off or applying political pressure?

Next in the I told you, so department please read the following.

Trader Joe’s is now learning what I knew all along. Packaging cost money. When retailers bag, package, cut and dice your produce they like to use the euphemism “value Added” but the only thing added is the price and maybe a few chemicals and there is absolutely no value. They have to pay someone to package their product and all of that come with an added cost. You want to hear something totally ridiculous? Sometimes they pay a company to repack a product into a RPC ( plastic boxes you see at Walmart and many other stores). So, they take it out of one box to put into another box and guess who pays for that service? You. It amazes me that many retailers think they have found a new way to sell produce but in reality, they have been selling it the wrong way for 20 years. Fresh produce, with a few exceptions should be displayed in all its naked beauty without packaging, that is value.


RED PEPPERS – THEY ARE RED HOT! Supplies are down demand is up and yes of course I have them. Number ones are extremely short, and this market has some legs on it so I don’t see it coming off this week, in fact it may go higher. Buckle up Buttercup. Call me if you want to be a weekly red pepper customer and I will see if I can accommodate you.

YELLOW PEPPERS – The only thing more scare than reds is yellow peppers.

GREEN PEPPERS. – A new month beginning, and demand is very good. It looks like the pepper category will be expensive.

CUCUMBERS – The best cukes are out West, dark green and hard. Some good ones in Michigan too. I am disappointed in the Canadians so far this year. Market has bottomed out and will start to rise again.

ROMA TOMATOES – Steady as she goes at new higher levels

WATERMELONS – I have never seen a watermelon market like this, well I probably have but forgot. Demand exceeds supplies.

Thank you have a great day

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