My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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The proof is in the results.

This is a store in NY that knows how to display and sell produce and should be the model of How it is suppose to be done.

Good morning and happy Wednesday. Well for all of the hate mail I get that “I don’t know what I am talking about”. “ You can’t sell produce that way anymore”. “It’s all about technology not displays”. “ You are just an old produce guy”. Well the last one I take as a compliment. I also concede that some of the newer people have learned things in a university that I don’t know but could learn relatively quickly because I never stopped my produce education after I graduated from cantaloupe U. They would also have to be aware the knowledge I have acquired took a lifetime of observing, doing, working, reworking, failing, achieving and is not and cannot be taught or learned in any university. So please listen to this old produce guy because I will always listen and learn from everyone. Produce has been my career, my passion, my hobby and it continues to this day.

To that point, who said get rid of packaging, make great displays and that will sell produce? Well look who listened, albeit they are in New Zealand but look at the results, volume up 300%. Read here.

There is no doubt technology will play a role in fresh produce from now and into the future but if you are betting having a typical Walmart, HEB, Stop and Shop and the list goes on an on, produce department will take away customers from a department that I advocate because you have no cashiers you are sadly mistaken AGAIN. Great displays, value pricing, knowledgeable produce professionals will beat you every time if all you offer is the same old ideas with technology thrown in as the prize. I will make this bet? If you have a typical store that I am trashing I guarantee I can make it do more volume with a better bottom line, GUARANTEED. I also believe strongly the key to online sales is having a beautiful in store presentations when it comes to fresh, they go hand in hand. I don’t care how wonderful your technology is if there is no confidence in your product that you are selling.

All I can say in closing is try it. It cost a lot less than tech and will show positive returns now not 5 years into the future.

The online battles for food are not over but the war will be won in fresh. Don’t be a follower be a leader!


This week’s market report will be challenging. We have cold temps in Mexico which will limit supplies. It’s hard enough predicting markets and this week I have to predict the weather as well. Here we go wish me luck.

RED PEPPERS – Finally have turned the corner and are higher. They now have 3 trends going for them. One cooler temps will delay color and bring supplies down even further. The colored bells that were picked green 3 weeks ago will not be there to pick. The end of February is near and new checks are finally will be here, ( Read my Sunday posting to understand the check situation) which will increase demand. This market will be higher.

YELLOW PEPPERS They are short and much higher than reds. I think they picked too many of the yellow variety to capture the good green pepper market of 3 weeks ago.

GREEN PEPPERS – We are still long here but I think colored bells going higher may also drag this market higher.

EGGPLANTS – Cool temps have brought supplies down here too. Market has firmed and poised to go higher. The caveat to all of these items is that warm temps return on the weekend. Depending on how warm will dictate the volume.

CUCUMBERS Volume last week and reasonable ad prices cleaned up the volume and now cool temps are limiting it. This market may have bottomed out.

GREEN SQUASH – Same story here. They were cheap but now less volume has firmed up this market.

YELLOW SQUASH – The free fall has stopped we may be at the bottom now.

ROMA TOMATOES Still at the bottom.

AVOCADOS – Packers succeeded in raising prices by packing less. My concern is now that the market is higher do they send volume and the market falls? FYI It won’t be the first or last time they did this.

LIMES Steady prices but there are many #2 around which can bring this market down.

Please let me join your company? Together we will make us better!! Have a great week

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