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The party is over, but to be continued.

Good morning from Sunny and cool Nogales Arizona. It seems like everyone is leaving the vegetable party this week. Volume is up on many items. Weather conditions are almost ideal, and many items are flushing. All of this translates into more volume at a time of low demand so prices will fall. It's how it works in the produce business. On a new business note we have partnered with a Mexican lime, avocado and mango grower. The lime picture is off our first load and they are outstanding. These 3 products will come direct from Mexico to you offering absolutely beautiful produce direct from the grower with beautiful pricing to match. Don't waste any time getting on our program so you are assured of supplies when, and they will, get short.


RED PEPPERS Well it’s been a long great party but it’s now over. Right on cue on Jan 15 the market came off. The peppers were held back because of the cool weather and now they are all coming together. Open field as well as protected agriculture red bels as well as yellow and orange bells are all flushing. It looks like this could last a few weeks, maybe 3 or 4 so get ready to promote. The good news after a flush there is a gap so be nice to your red pepper king because you may need him in the near future. Which brings up my point of this week’s rant.

I had many people from all over the country call me for red peppers when they were short. In the past I would use these times to try and gain new customers by covering their orders when their regular suppliers could not. Well after 25 years I can now say it worked for the first 15 of those 25 years but not in the last 10. Not 1 person, after being so grateful that I helped them was grateful enough to continue to do good business. This to me is very sad because it speaks volumes about character or lack thereof but that is another rant altogether. Every one of my customers for the last 3 months had red peppers every week and more importantly they will continue to take them now when I need them to. They live up to our motto “ We have them when they’re hot you take them when they’re not” This year all the people who called I did it a little differently. I told them I would LOVE to do business with them, and I promise when we start you will ALWAYS have peppers, or any other item you purchase from us, BUT let’s wait for the market to settle down and if you still want to do business we will get started. They all thanked me and said they would call. How many calls do you think I will get?

CUCUMBERS The cuke market is a little top heavy and I think will come off a few dollars. It’s mostly a more supply less demand but no crash in this week’s forcast.

GREEN SQUASH There will be more coming by the end of this week. There are some quote sheets asking $20 to $26 on squash which is not the market. $16 and going lower is what I see for the coming week.

YELLOW & GREY SQUASHThese are both susceptible to the cold and will continue to be short and in demand.

EGGPLANTS Demand is still good, and supplies are still low.

ROMA TOMATOES The race will be to the minimum.

AVOCADOS Super bowl pull is underway. There are so many players in the avocado market now, too many in my opinion, that it’s hard to judge. The big boys of this industry getting all the business from the largest retailers can be boosting prices but there are many independents, as myself, that have more reasonable pricing and better product. Moral of the story? Bigger is not always better.

LIMES Look back to my post from a month and 2 months ago. Watch limes in January. Well January is here. Demand is good and prices are up. Yes we have the beautiful for you. Come and get them!!!

Thank you so much for reading. If you like what I say wait to see what I can do.

I am always in need of great growers and great customers so please contact me and lets make produce great again!!!

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