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Texas to NYC to Colombia terminal market Report.

Good morning and Happy Sunday. This video is from Shop Rite supermarket in Spotswood NJ. This is proof that some chain stores do know how to sell produce. Today is my last day in NJ. We are flying back to Texas tomorrow morning, then off to Colombia on Tuesday to check on our Avocado program as well as other Tropical Items. We will start planting in Texas in July and August on our organic farm and also in Mexico on our organic and conventional acreage. I will keep you updated as we progress.


RED PEPPERS – The week before the 4THof July is always challenging time for Red peppers. Coachella is usually done, and the Bakersfield area is just beginning. We usually have good demand and no supplies, which translates into high markets. This year is no exception. I can see this market staying strong for at least another 10 days. After that we will have to see if Mother Nature throws us any curves, but supplies should be trending upward at that time. Red Peppers should bring $22-$26 on 15# reds, a little less for Mexican Reds and $35 plus on 25# choice

GREEN PEPPERS – Supplies are up and Prices are down significantly, time to promote. Green peppers in the mid-teens and lower would not surprise me.

CUCUMBERS – If you notice I corrected my video about cucumbers on Thursday. The market was cheap, but I wrote it will be going higher and this is now a fact. Mexican Cucumbers at the terminal level could approach high 20’s to $30.

WATERMELONS – You know I always say to watch the weather for Watermelon prices. Well it seems I brought Texas heat to NYC and the stuck watermelon market quickly became as hot as the temperature. Couple the heat with the 4THand many buyers went scrambling for product to keep up with Demand.

ROMA TOMATOES. JULY means higher prices.

AVOCADOES The ride is not over, these $100 markets at the terminal level will be around for at least 2 more weeks.

Thank you for watching and reading. I’ll send some more videos from Colombia. Have a great week.

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