My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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TEXAS leads the way

Good morning and Happy Thursday. I am sorry for being a day late, but I had appointments to check my heart. Contrary to popular belief, I do have one and it is working perfectly.

Almost 2 years ago I decided to move to Texas. Two of the main reasons were, one, I knew it was finally going to be the next big thing in produce and two I believed I could facilitate making it bigger and better faster. Well I can now say that it is the next big thing in produce and if any of my ideas helped with reason number two that will be for others to say, I am just happy to be a part of it.

This week we have 2 links to two articles. The first is how Texas, it’s distributors and TIPA are leading the way to get our great story told. You have heard me say time and again that the PMA should be telling and promoting our great story to consumers not to each other. Consumers drive our business so getting them engaged is beneficial to all of us .We have a great story on so many levels and it needs to be promoted. If the PMA does not step up, we need someone to fill the void and TIPA and a few Texas distributors, have stepped in. I would bet the ranch that H-E-B will also get involved as should other large retailers. We have a great story, but we are missing the storyteller, Homer where are you?

The second story is about Walmart freshening up their produce departments. I am not a Walmart basher. To be perfectly honest I think Walmart with its high traffic could own produce if they did it better. They did get it partly right; they added a few displays that could show off their produce but left those RPC rack displays where produce goes to die a lonely death. Let’s go Walmart be the produce monster you were meant to be and merchandise, display and price produce so your destiny may be filled, or plan b, someone else fulfills your destiny.

This week’s pictures are of our organic Rapini, which we are getting closer to our start shipping date. It won’t be long now, maybe next week, I will keep you posted. Next are our Colombian avocados. I will be traveling to Colombia tomorrow and will be gone a week. I am in the final stages of offering our fixed price for 6 months on these beauties. I positively assure you that this is one contract you will want. The plan is to crawl, walk and then run up to 50 loads a week, in the coming years. Wish me luck, I have been working on this for several years.

We are looking for you to join our team. Click on this link.

All I can say about next week’s markets, if you bet that they all were significantly less the 10 days after Thanksgiving than they were the week before Thanksgiving you would have been right about 95% of the time. You know why? Because demand drives a market and there is none the 10 days after the holiday but don’t worry Christmas and New Year’s is just around that next corner to get demand up again. Have a great week. I love the produce business and all the people in it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING and be Thankful for your life and your family. Many people are unhappy of what they don’t have, focus on what you have and that will make you smile.

Take care.

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