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Terminal Markets, Retailers, supply and demand, Pollination problems

Good morning and Happy Sunday.


RED PEPPERS Red peppers continue to be a hot commodity. Number one’s reds are in short supply, mostly due to a pollination problem early in the plant cycle. This is not a grower problem this is a California problem. If I had to make a prediction for the rest of the season, I would say this market would stay strong for the remainder. I am not saying we are staying at these levels, but it doesn’t look like they will be cheap anytime soon. The counter argument to this is retail demand will slow at these levels which may make this market come off a little from the current highs. Those that need Lg/XL 15# reds at the terminal level will definitely be paying $30 plus and $35 does not seem to be a stretch either. Choice reds will also be in the same range. Canadian Reds which usually flood the East Coast markets this time of year are still a week or two behind and may not be a factor this year.

YELLOW PEPPERS Same scenario here.

GREEN PEPPERS – More availability from more areas will pressure this market. Hard to predict the downward flow because of several areas harvesting and shipping. Best Guess $15 -20 and could be lower.

CUCUMBERS – Many areas here too. Locals are much cheaper than western cucumbers, but it seems the demand for western cukes trumps the cheaper options. Locals $12-20 depending on area, Western cukes $25 plus.

ROMA TOMATOES – Same deal here as with cucumbers. There are different areas available but Mexican Roma were in short supply with great demand, but the supplies are up a little this week. I have to check tomorrow on Canadian Roma and see if they are behind as well because they usually are a factor as well, this time of year. Market $18 -22

AVOCADOS – My crystal ball tell me you may want to take advantage of the prices in avocados. The market is no way cheap but is half of what it was about 2 months ago. We may see a little more dip in Prices but once the Peruvian and California’s get out of the way prices may rise again in September.

KABOCHA -Beautiful California Kabocha is available get it before its gone. It should bring $18 -22 at the terminal level.

Well as promised we will revisit Wednesday article about Kroger and Mariano’s

I have seen this time and time again. One of the major retailers take over a successful independent and instead of trying to copy and learn what makes these independents great, successful and what is right, they turn them into one of them and everything that is wrong. I am speaking form a produce prospective. I have said many times that independents get how to sell produce. They are in tune with supply and demand markets, especially the ones with Terminal markets nearby, they cater to their customers, and 99% of the time I would bet they kick the larger retailers butt when it comes to produce. I have a friend whom has built a successful group of stores and he only opens new ones near the major retailers because he knows he will take their customers with his fresh offerings. The supervisors of these large retailers come into his stores scratching their heads and saying “ how does he do it” I’ll tell you how he does it. He is not locked into your old broken in the box paradigm of how to sell produce. He does not raise his produce margins to offset grocery. He prices and sells produce with its natural ebbs and flows and he beats you prices 90% of the time with your up charges of 40%-600% markups to consumers. He has produce people running his business not accountants. He is also smart enough to do his ads one week out and pays the extra advertising price, but it’s easily offset by higher sales and profits. One day, hopefully soon, one of these major retailer’s CEO’s will get it and change their broken box and he my friends will win the supermarket war, bet on it.

Lastly can you pick out my direct quotes? There are at least 2 and many more some of the things I have said but worded slightly differently.

See you on Wednesday.

Thank you so much for reading. Lets Make Produce Great Again #mpga

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