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Terminal market report via Colombia

Feliz Domingo, Buenos Diasde Colombia! The trip has been very enlightening from a produce standpoint and stress free from a personal stand point. For those long-time readers, you know I love this country and its people. This country always grounds me to what is important, family, friends and of course produce. The pictures are some of the items I hope to export to the USA and Europe. Avocados, Pineapples, limes, Soursop and yellow dragon fruit. We will start shipping avocados, limes, pineapples, soursop and dragon fruit to Europe and beyond very soon. Avocadoes to the USA will take a little longer due to some regulations that must be met. You can see from the pictures the quality is outstanding and I am very excited to offer an uninterrupted, year-round supply of avocadoes as well as other products from Colombia. I am also working on offering a reasonable fixed price for the entire year on avocadoes as well as all of our other products. I should have everything settled this week so watch for an update on Wednesday.


As the summer progresses it becomes harder and harder to do these reports because there are so many different areas shipping. It all comes down to where you are and where you are getting your produce from and their weather and growing and harvesting situation and quality.

RED PEPPERS – This is a perfect example of where you are getting your produce from and pricing. Reds from California for 15#xl are $16 to $18 for new area reds, a couple of dollars less for Coachella reds and $10 to $14 for Mexican reds. The Mexican reds had disease problems last week and I don’t expect them to. Be any better this week. $10 sounds cheap until they start exploding on you. Bakersfield reds are big and beautiful and Coachella reds are somewhere in the middle. Terminal market price wise I think the best reds should be in the $24-$26 range, Coachella reds $22-24, maybe $20 depending on quality. If the Mexican reds continue to have problems, sell fast and let the buyer beware. With new volume next week and after the holiday I think prices will come off, historically this is a slam dunk.

GREEN PEPPERS – Here is another example. Beautiful XXL green peppers from Texas, grown in Mexico $10. California XXL green peppers. $16-$18 and depending on where you are there will be peppers grown locally or closer to you.

YELLOW PEPPERS – They have been very tight but as we ramp up this week in Bakersfield, we will have more supplies available.

CUCUMBERS -They were demand exceeds supplies leading up to the 4thof July. I wouldn’t be surprised if Western cukes brought $30 plus in the terminals, Southern and local a little less.

ROMA TOMATOES – This market stays steady an its higher level. $16-$20 at the terminal level.

AVOCADOS – A little relief is on the way. Prices will start to moderate this week.

WATERMELONS – Watch the weather where you are. The hotter it gets the hotter they get. Melons staring in SC this week.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of our products from Colombia as well as our future organic program in Texas and Mexico and our conventional program in Mexico. Europe and South America I am ready to supply you now with Avocadoes, Limes, Pineapples, Soursop and dragon fruit. Let’s get this party started. Thank you and have a great day! Hasta la Vista baby!

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