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Terminal Market Report. April 7 2019

Good morning and Happy Sunday! First unless I see more volume relative quickly from Mexico I am sure the spring deal is in trouble before it starts. The 15this the magical date for me to see if the Spring will be a bang or a bust, when it comes to availability, stay tuned.

RED PEPPERS. – We may be in trouble her for the holiday pull. The weather has had some dire consequences on the plants and this deal will come up short. The other problem Coachella will not start harvesting until the 15thof May on red peppers. Hold on to your hats boys in girls this deal may end the way it started. At the terminal level 15# reds will bring $30 or more. It may start out around $26/28 but as supplies end prices will rise. Choice mid $30’s 25# LG/XL. $40

GREEN PEPPERS Demand is very good on greens, Florida was not a factor last week so prices will remain high $30’s plus.

YELLOW AND ORANGE PEPPERS. No relief here either. Prices should be similar to red pepper prices.

CUCUMBERS. Quoting 12.95 to $14.95 fob freight is higher this market $22 to $26

EGGPLANTS They usually work at least 1 or 2 weeks during lent but so far this year was the exception. This was partly due to quality issues on many labels. Fob’s were literally from $7.95 to 14.95. I am calling this $14/$16 at the terminal and higher with divine intervention.

GREEN SQUASH – They tried to take this market up but it had no legs. Warm weather decent volume, $5.95 to $8.95 fob Terminals. $12 plus

YELLOW SQUASH Same scenario here but with somewhat higher pricing. $8.95 to $12.95 fob, Terminals $16 plus

KABOCHA SQUASH Very short but new supplies this week and more next week, unless the afore mentioned bust occurs. This market can be $30 at the terminal level, $18.95 to $20.95 on big sizes fob.

ROMA TOMATOES They came off the minimum except for product with high color. $8.95 to 10.95. Better brands in the terminal with the right color $14.00

LIMES Every day a little less in price and a little more in volume.

AVOCADOS – The amount of loads I was offered from Peru this week does not bode well for the avocado market going forward for the next few weeks but it is great news for the fans of avocado toast.

Have a great week and we will see you on Wednesday with more produce news and commentary.

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