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Good morning and HAPPY SUNDAY. I returned yesterday from the Nogales convention. This yearly excursion has become more of a yearly visit to meet friends more than business partners. This year had the added pleasure to attend a party for my long-time friend Chuck Cirulli whom was honored by receiving Pillars of the FPAA Award. You should put this gathering on your calendar for next year, it’s worth the trip.

The video is our ready to go Hawaiian seed papayas which are being grown in Mexico in green houses. We will have significant volume and can support National retail promotions. Papayas have many nutritional benefits coupled with delicious flavor and I will support you with great price point sales and profits. Let’s get these beauties into your stores and into consumer’s homes for benefits for all.

CRENSHAW MELONS- I will be shipping 5’ 6’s and 8’s on Monday. Brix are high, eat like candy and you should try them.

ORGANIC RAPINI – Our growers say we will be ready to ship in 2 weeks, just in time for your feast.


We should see some big changes this week, the caveat as always is demand.

RED PEPPERS – I know in some areas of the country Reds didn’t get as high as anticipated, this mostly due to the abundance of 11# hot house blocky peppers that were available for half the price of California elongated peppers. The beginning of last week was no different, 11# were slightly higher but still much less per pound than their counterparts. They started the week at the $8-$10 level, while California’s were being sold for $16.95 to $18.95 fob every day and were sold out and hard to come by. This all changed by weeks end, 11# were being quoted much higher in the $14 to $17 range, fob and sold out. Choice on both varieties were $18.95 to 22.95, the higher pieces again belonging to the California elongated variety. What all this should mean at the Terminal market level is that markets should increase in prices all week long. I believe $24 on 15# should be the bottom as some left-over product from last weeks as well as cheaper 11# get cleaned up but by Tuesday this market should firmly be $26 or more. Choice should be in the $30 range. #1 reds will continue to be short, remember Coachella harvesting and Mexican harvesting is still a few weeks away and Thanksgiving is coming.

My long-range forecast remains intact, there will be too many peppers, all varieties and colors unless we get a significant change due to a weather or disease problem, just too many planted as growers switched from tomatoes to peppers due to the uncertainties of the suspension agreement.

SUMMER SQUASH GREEN< YELLOW AND GREY – As I said last week this market will be higher and it is dramatically higher. It went from the basement to the penthouse in rapid time. Here is the deal. Summer SQUASH were in the mid-single digits just a week ago. We still had local squash as well as Southern squash and weak demand. Then a perfect storm arose. First Mexican squash had a virus which cause the growers to pull and burn many plants per acre thus limiting the supplies. Then the local sources started drying up while Georgia braced for a cold front and a frost. This sent buyers scrambling to Mexico for product, hence a market that went from $6 to $14 relatively quickly on green and Grey squash and even took yellow along for the ride. Personally, we will see if demand supports these new prices at the higher levels, I think $14.95 is overdone and I feel the $10 range is the right level. I do have a prejudice; I absolutely don’t believe in squash markets over $12 when we get close to Thanksgiving. The closer we get the less I believe. This has been proven true all but once or twice in the last 20-25 years and that was due to a significant weather event.

CUCUMBERS. Steady as she goes here, Markets on SS cukes from $14 to $18.95, supply and demand remain constant.

EGGPLANTS – Mexico finally reacted to reality. Came out quoting $12 to $14 FOB all the time beautiful Southern Eggs were $12 delivered tops. Mexico settled in the $6 to $8 range. It looks like a cheap market in the terminals this week.

HARD SQUASH Steady as she goes here as well, markets should remain stable through Thanksgiving.

TOMATOES – Tomatoes remain high mostly due to less plantings and all because the problems the Florida tomato growers and their co-conspirators the Dept of commerce have caused with the uncertainty of the suspension agreement. Retailers and Consumers the Florida tomato growers, whom are also Mexican tomato growers plan to get higher priced tomatoes worked. That was always their plan and had nothing to do with dumping. Now you need to call your Senators and Congressman and fight fire with fire. It’s not dumping it’s produce.

AVOCADOS – Great supplies have kept a lid on this market and I don’t see anything changing in the immediate future. I have organic avocados available year-round. If you a pallet or a promotion I am your man.

Thank you have a great day.

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