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Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Good morning!

I am back in the USA . I am not feeling well today so I will keep it brief.

It’s the end of the month  demand is down and supplies are up on almost every item, which does not bode well for higher prices.

RED PEPPERS. This market can be anywhere from $16 down to $12 on 15# reds. My advice would be to sell as many if not all you can tonight because it is your best opportunity. 25# reds should still be around $30 and less for choice.

YELLOW  and ORANGE PEPPERS. There are a few more available, markets will be a little lower but not like the red pepper markets.

GREEN PEPPERS.  The slide has started. Sell fast and hard

CUCUMBERS  At $10 to $12 fob this market will top out at around $20 and less.

EGGPLNATS. More volume from Florida and Mexico should settle this market around $14 give or take a couple.

ROMAT TOMATOES. That didn’t take long. Roma at or a little higher than the minimum.

LIMES. Rain last week kept the harvesting low, but many growers have told me that they are ready weather permitting.

KABOCHA Squash will begin to be harvested this week. It usually takes about 2 weeks after that to get the orange color we desire.

The older squash has the color but there are very few large available. Market 1s 16.95 to 20.95 fob which should bring $24 plus in the terminals.


If you have only been following me on or on my blog at you may not be aware that for 20 years prior I wrote the Alpha & Omega report, which was first done by fax and then by email, yes, I am old. J. You may also think that my rants are only about retail which is not the case. I have been yelled at, cursed at, unfriended by a host of growers and shippers as well for my commentaries. I always said I am non sectarian I will piss anyone off at one time or another. That brings us to this week’s topic Quote sheets.

Now back in the olden days there were not any quote sheets there were conversations, yes, we actually talked to each other to find out growing conditions, supply, demand and outlook. Then came the fax machine and the quote pages started coming and often times from people that you never did business with before. Then with the internet and emails this practice exploded. You could now reach hundreds if not thousands but just hitting send. At first quote sheets were a good guide of where the shippers wanted to be price wise, we all know there is always wiggle room in produce. My problem is not with quote sheets in the past, I have made many connections over the years which started with that first fax or email. My problem is with the current state of the quote sheets. Many of the quote sheets that are sent today are so far off the real prices that they are not worth the paper they are printed on or the bits it took to generate them. It is not uncommon to have quotes $4 to $6 over the price I am paying. No, I am not special, well maybe just a little, but it’s more due to the fact that the quotes sheets are BS. This gets exacerbated, especially with Mexican growers because some of them will ask their distributors, why is X company $24.95 on Red peppers and you are $12.95. Obviously if you are a grower you would want to give your product to the guy who is 24.95 and not 12.95 but you can bet the ranch that the 24.95 will soon turn into the 12.95 or 10.95. My answer to that grower would have been because I am right, and he is wrong.

This practice has become worse and worse over the years. At one time quote sheets were maybe $2 out of the way, so if you moved big volume you had a little edge in stable markets and if markets were hot chances are you paid the quoted price. I still prefer the conversational buying method, where you can trade prices, commodities, volume. You help me with what is hot, and I take what’s not. Let’s move a couple of loads at this, give a few ads on that. This is the foundation of the produce business and it is quickly becoming a lost art. Be a real buyer! Don’t be that guy that says the computers says I need 76 boxes of tomatoes so I can't use 80.

Have a great day and it’s great to be back in the USA.

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