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GOOD MORNING Something a little extra and different this week. I write a terminal market report for my customers in the Northeast and Midwest and I thought I would share it with you this week. Have a great weekend and please let me know what you think? The picture is me doing a polar bear plunge on a 15 degree windy day to raise money for the make a wish foundation. If you would like to see the video go to my facebook page and view, I couldn't get it to post here. Enjoy

Good Morning,

I decided to write this today so I can sleep late tomorrow.

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that

RED PEPPERS  may be turning the corner and will finally get out of the basement

The bad news it may take a few more days or a week for you to see it. There are still cheap Reds coming, $5 and less on 15# and a little more on 25# but the flush is past it’s peak so we should see some higher pricing.

GREEN PEPPERS  As predicted, many growers cutting their colored bell crops green and that will and has helped the red pepper market but has also added to the supplies in green peppers. I was offered absolutely beautiful place packed green peppers from $15 to $18, depending on size, which is a few $ off the current quote. I  always watch for the outliers, they are usually correct.

JALAPENOS peppers are now 1/2 of what\the were 10 days ago. $26 FOB

I told you Billion dollar produce buying company.

CUCUMBERS - Cooler nights have slowed production and this market will be Higher. They will open up at $14.95 on Monday.

GREEN SQUASH - The same cool nights may help this market get out of the basement, but there is much cheap squash heading your way

This week, $6.00 fancy's is not uncommon.

YELLOW SQUASH - This one is a coin toss. Prices have trended lower everyday this past week.  The coin flip is if  it stays in the $10-$12 range or goes lower. I would have said lower but the cooler nights have clouded my crystal ball.

PICKLES.  RED HOT, demand exceeds supplies

EGGPLANTS- Lowere pricing is not over. Currently $12.95 and less.

ROMA TOMATOES. - May be turning the corner as well, It may take a few more days for you to feel it.

LIMES - Were you listening? February is the month of high priced limes. This market will be up several dollars this week.

AVOCADOS  - Supplies exceed demand, Prices are tops $20 and many for less

TRUCKS What a difference. A year makes. Prices are literally half of what they were last year. $5500 and less to NYC.

Have a great day. Call me if you need me and I am still looking for a positioning your company? If you need it bought, sold or loaded I am your guy. I do the work of many and enjoy doing it for you.

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