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SURPRISE! Tomatoes did not rise 40%

Good morning and Happy Wednesday. I am sorry I am so late I have been sick since my return from NYC. To make matters worse, everyone in my family is sick as well and my wife is in Colombia, so I have no one to baby me.:) Let’s get right to the markets first all the doomsayers that predicted the 40% rise in tomato prices after the end of the suspension agreement, better check your crystal balls because prices are going down not up. I think they will settle below the $8.30 floor this week. It’s all about supply and demand nothing more nothing less.

RED PEPPERS The Nogales deal is dropping in Volume and there is not enough volume yet in Coachella to pick up the slack. The caveat here is demand has been lethargic, so prices remained stable. This will continue until demand picks up, then watch out.

GREEN PEPPERS – I think the bottom will fall out on this market sooner rather than later just on the Demand side of the equation. High prices and lethargic demand always scare me. I would be a hand to mouth buyer here.

EGGPLANTS This market is tight especially on good quality product. Go South or to California for the best quality.

CUKES – Great market last year at this time so every grower planted MORE. The quality is great, supplies are great, and prices are small.

SQUASH Both green and yellow squash are buy 1 get 1 free in the South and that is dragging Mexican squash down as well even though supplies have been previously light. The problem is the weather is so good and the squash keeps growing. These markets will be lower.

BROCCOLI. I have beautiful Mexica Broccoli if you need call me.

Roma tomatoes as well as other tomatoes now will be subject to the forces of supply and demand. It’s a great day to sell tomatoes.

Thank you

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