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Stuck in Colombia without a real hamburger

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! I am a little cranky today because I spent several hours last night trying to get my wife and 3 boys on a plane home from Colombia. The problem came down to a space that they said made his last name his middle name. Yes, this was the same airline and tickets we flew to Colombia. When it was all said and done, I had to buy 4 new tickets for today and I am pretty certain we will not be flying Avianca ever again. Wish me luck that my family gets home today.

Here is something a little different. What side of this story would you argue?

For the record I am a fan of fresh food which include meat, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds. I try to stay away from foods in boxes and cans. I was a vegan when I was younger, and I ate vegetables no meat. I feel much healthier now eating the way I do. My point? If you want to be vegan, why do you need things that taste like meat? Now to the point of this story. If your products are so good and you perceive they are better than meat, why would you have to be associated with meat? Wouldn’t it be better if you were better than meat? Wouldn’t you want to separate yourself from meat? This is what get me crazy about the food industry at all levels. It’s about fooling people to make more profits. For me I’ll eat meat when I want meat and veggies when I want them and no reason to conflate the two.

You want to see what is in those veggie burgers read this?


RED PEPPERS As I told you on Sunday there would be a lot less volume this week and that is the case. Markets have firmed up. The only thing holding the markets back is the end of month lackluster demand.

YELLOW PEPPERS – No volume here at all. Prices remain high and stable.

GREEN PEPPERS -Lots of different areas producing and Canada has started with good quality product.

CUCUMBERS – Local and Canadian cucumbers will put more downward pressure on this market. Western and Mexican cukes will either have to stay West or adjust lower to go East.

ROMA TOMATOES There are Roma tomatoes, but many are #2 quality. Hopefully we will see better quality going forward. Locals may be the answer.

WATERMELONS This market is still very short. Heavy rains in MD push back harvesting until yesterday and today.

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