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ST PATRICK'S DAY Terminal Market Report

Good morning from Colombia!

Well if you didn’t believe in the demand argument before you should have enough proof now.

Case in point is RED PEPPERS Supplies were as limited this past 2 weeks as they were around the holidays, but the markets never reacted the same way. The FOB markets tried the same levels at $26.95 FOB but that did not work. Demand at retail level did not have the steam to support it so the limited supplies backed up and prices came off. As for the terminal for Sunday night I think $26.00 is the right price for 15# and the faster you sell the better you will be. That puts 25# #1 at $40 to $45 and choice at $35 to $40. Sell as many as you can early in the week.

YELLOW PEPPERS There are a few more available as well as orange so prices will be off a little but not as drastically as red peppers

CUCUMBERS. Volume is coming and is here so prices will be lower. This market can easily be $20/22 by mid-week. You will have Florida cukes to contend with as well, they have started.

GREEN YELLOW GREY SQUASH The elevator has fallen, and it does not stop half way down. SELL

EGGPLANTS - This market should be 16-20 but could go higher and lower just based on quality.

LIMES Market is hot but they will resume cutting next week so prices should be lower.

AVOCADOS Steady as she goes.

ROMA TOMATOES New crop new deal. The only question is how many days to get to the minimum.

KABOCHA SQUASH Is very short especially on the big sizes. New crop will be starting soon but not soon enough.

I am still in Colombia until next Sunday. Have a great week.

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