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Something a little different

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! Please excuse me but I am about to get a little religious on this day. I will start off by saying I BELIVE IN GOD! There have been times in my life that I have questioned his existence and times in my life I have believed in my whole mind, body and soul. I will go so far to say that when I was young, I wanted to be the pope and there was a time in my life I was so scared to enter a church because of the fear it would fall down on me. All of the major religions believe in ONE almighty God, the practice of how to get closer to him may be different but we all want to get to the same place. I equate this to children playing telephone in which you give 3 children the same message then they pass it along one at a time to 5 or six people in their group and the 3 messages that come out are similar but not always the same as when you started. At this time in my life and to the end of it I can say I have now erased all doubts and I know God is in my life. I try to be the best person I can be to all people not just the ones close to me. I pray I am forgiven for past deeds and try not to make the same mistakes again. Now you may or may not believe in God and that is your prerogative, but I would approach it like this. Let's say you lead a GOOD life and you get to the end and there is no God. People are sad to see you go, have good memories of you, not a bad legacy and no one is glad you are dead. Now the opposite you lead a life of greed, hate, misery etc. You come to the end of your life and there is a God, Oh well you are SOL. The take away from this weather there is or is not a God what would you rather have People crying at your grave or pissing on it? Your choice. HAPPY EASTER AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES!


We will need a miracle to keep price up next week. We have after the holiday lack of business coupled with the end of month doldrums. All markets will be affected. It will be hard to predict how fast and far they will all fall. The caveat for the next few days is that harvesting will be curtailed dramatically due to Semana Santa (Easter week) which will help in the short term but when they do start harvesting again the volume will multiply while the demand divides. Not a good scenario. Have a great holiday. Love is Love!!

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