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Sold 300 cases of bananas dressed as a gorilla

Good morning and Happy Sunday! As we start opening up our country to more business, I believe the produce business will be better for all of us after the pandemic than it was before the pandemic. We had strong growth of 17% to 40% and it was sustainable for the duration and continues until today. The increase was for both in stores and online. The question now becomes what are you going to do going forward to sustain and increase this growth? This pandemic accelerated changes in many industries both on how we work and how we shop and I believe we all found new found awareness of what is really important in our lives. Do you believe that customers will continue to want their produce packaged when this end or will they go back to what was important before the pandemic, which was less packaging and if packaged that it was sustainable, I believe the later will be the choice? Do you engage and educate your staff and customers, I’ll let you in on a few of my tested tricks? What is your price structure, do you price it like a produce professional or an accountant? These are a few things I comment on it this week’s video.


Good morning,

                     The red pepper market this week will be totally different than the previous 2 weeks.  Coachella had extremely high temperatures and to

egsasturbate the problem there is a small gap in plantings. All the major players grow in the same area so there will be no surprises. Both of our growers will be extremely light this week and may not have peppers to load until, Thursday the earliest and that may extend to the weekend. California Reds are $16.95 and if available will be higher, that is over $20 delivered to the East Coast. There will be no adjustments on any of the limited California reds we loaded. Luckily there were a few loads of NEW field Mexican red peppers available.

Those of you that have them have a great opportunity to capture some significant profits on a trending upwards and short market. I will be able to supplement

with more next week but they are also now $16.00 fob but with cheaper freight and may be our only option for 7 days.

Cucumber demand has also picked up especially on SS cukes. I would look for this market to also go higher.

Roma tomatoes Be careful here in the next week or 2 supplies can drop off significantly and set up the market for higher prices.

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