My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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Retail reimagined, Feliz cinco de Mayo

FELIZ Cinco de Mayo! How are you today? This may be one of my most important post to date so please share. I will try to bring together sustainability, help for the farmers, help to consumers and some new ideas for retailers. Many of you have forged new alliances, for which you should be commended, and I would like to bring those newly created partnership to new levels and maybe add to alliances. At one time we believed the sun revolved around the earth and this is what was taught as part of the education at that time until it was challenged and proved wrong. I draw a direct parallel to large produce retail; you do what you were taught. I am now giving you the opportunity to prove me right or wrong, using some of those new alliances with some old fashion produce merchandising. Are you ready to learn something old that may open a whole new way of thinking about Produce? Watch the video and I will explain.

I left out an important element in the video, retailers can find great bargain in the terminal markets to help the supply chain move from farmers to consumers. This can become a important component to their success.

When it comes to averaging your cost it helps the retailer drop his prices and become more competitive than to sit on higher priced merchandise that will probably go rotten. It helps the consumer buy less expensive produce and the retailer gains a customer. It helps the grower by being able to move his merchandise when supplies are up. Effectively averaging will help the retailers bottom line and help with reducing shrink.

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