My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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Retail produce the way it was meant to be

Good morning and in case you don’t read next week’s posting MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Look at this video.’t

that a beautiful store? This is an independent operator and not his first store. When you look at his displays don’t, they say buy me, take me home? These displays are brought to you by talented produce professionals whom love their craft, take pride in their work and are knowledgeable in everything produce. Here is my questions for our larger retailers? Do you think people with this type of knowledge and passion don’t exist or are from a different planet? You are wrong! Do you think by paying real produce men a good salary, much more than you are currently paying will put this operator out of business because of high expenses and lower profits? You are wrong! Do you think the shrink in this store, with these massive displays is far greater than the shrink in your store? You are wrong! Do you think that lower prices than the larger retailers surrounding him will not increase his volume? You are wrong! Lastly when ordering online do you think the customer will pick your store’s produce over his? You are dead wrong!

This independent does not have a magic wand. He sells produce the way it needs to be sold. He knows that a well-paid produce man creates profits, reduces shrink and make the department shine, all of the time. He knows by value pricing he will increase volume either by the consumer buying more or by getting more consumers from your stores. Once he has them believe me, they are not coming back to you.

I want all of the produce directors to take a look at their stores today and see how they stack up against this store? If you say pretty close, you are doing a great job, keep it going you are our future. If you say not even close, your system is broken and it’s time to change before it’s too late. Before you give me all the excuses why this will not work with you, hit yourself in the head and look for solutions not excuses. If this store was your competition where would your customers shop? End of discussion.

I agree the future of produce is making it easier for the consumer, the competition is great. Omni channel marketing starts with the consumer having the confidence to order their fresh produce from you with their other groceries, that confidence comes from having beautiful produce, beautiful display, knowledgeable employees every time they visit your store. If you are not part of the solution you are the problem.



RED PEPPERS – Continue to be short and I don’t expect the pipeline to be completely whole until mid-January. After the holidays demand will slow down and volume will pick up which will bring prices down. Same scenario for yellow and orange peppers

GREEN PEPPERS – Volume increased demand decreased. I am looking for this market to settle lower.

SUMMER SQUASH – GREEN, YELLOW GREY. I have never been a fan of squash for the holidays. It seems prices rise “just because” and then crash right after the holiday. This year Green squash looks like a crash is coming before the holiday. Yellow and Grey squash will also be lower but not as severe…… YET.

EGGPLANTS – Same as green squash buy 1 get one free

ROMA TOMATOES. – New crop starting, and prices are dropping

AVOCADOES – This market is searching for its bottom. It seems like people don’t forget work stoppages. Increased volume after the strike with sinking demand. I think we will find a bottom soon and then prices will stabilize and then rise.

LIMES – If history repeats itself be careful of The limes of January.


If you need any program set up, please call me. We can do fixed or volume pricing or both on most items. Here are just a few.

Red peppers, Green peppers roma tomatoes, Broccoli, kale, limes, avocadoes. If you need it there is a good chance I can get it done.

Have a great week Thank you

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