My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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Retail produce is getting the message?

Good morning and Happy Wednesday. Could it be that the retailers are finally getting educated and are now changing their ways in which I have been promoting for several years? I hope they did read the produce Manifesto,

because lately it seems like many have changed their ways. For example, just this week alone Ahold announced they will try limiting packaging for fresh produce in a trial. I will let Ahold know the results before the trial. I will bet the ranch sales will increase, that is of course if you know how to display it correctly? Whole foods have also said they will cut produce prices, which is a good thing. The caveat here will it be value pricing dictated by supply and demand or will it be cutting the profit from 200% to 100%? Produce prices at all chains must be adjusted and no longer can be the department that subsidizes the grocery department, value pricing, beautiful displays and knowledgeable experienced staff will win the war.

On another note I saw this article on how to defeat the hard discounters, I will only address Aldi because I have visited many of their stores. Do you know how to beat Aldi when it comes to produce? You don’t have to, they will beat themselves. I have NEVER walked into a Aldi store and have the produce say buy me. Customers walk into those stores for the cheap grocery items, but their produce quite honestly sucks, and their displays are worse. You beat Aldi by giving your customers beautiful fresh produce, displayed artistically and valued priced. Produce is not grocery and people will pay for quality instead of less for garbage.

I am hoping for the transformation of retail produce is finally coming to fruition. We can create demand, influence sales, educate consumers, keep farmers sustainable, cut down on plastic and make more profits but your old ways are not going to do any of these things. It’s time for change and the time is now. It’s all in the evolution, you adapt, or you die, which one will you do?


RED PEPPERS Here we go again. Reds are very short, and many deals are ending early. This does not bode well because the next deal to start for red peppers is in Coachella in mid to late May.

GREEN PEPPERS This market is still short and Florida continues to be light which is keeping prices high. Coachella will start harvesting green peppers next week.

YELLOW AND ORANGE PEPPERS. Well with the main varieties of red and green tight don’t expect yellow and orange to be any different.

CUCUMBERS I thought this market would move higher but it has stalled.

EGGPLANTS – Eggs are steady and moving at their new lower prices.

GREEN AND YELLOW SQUASH Good supplies decent demand great quality.

Steady Eddie.

ROMA TOMATOES – Prices are slightly higher and could remain that way until the 15thof April.

AVOCADOS -Keep your fingers crossed because I am very close to changing this for the better for everyone. It will be a bout 2 more months, but you will want in on this program I guarantee it.

Have a great day and we will see you on Sunday for our East Coast Terminal Market Report.

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