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Retail must get out of their box and lead the way

Another week of Covid 19 and I have some updates and observations on how it effects the produce industry. First question again this week is what did you learn?

Well 2 weeks ago the grower shippers raised prices, to everyone, to unsustainable heights in conjunction with demand that they have not seen in 30 years, I would even call it gouging. Then the very next week the found out they needed everyone to move their produce at prices about half of the proceedings weeks highs. Truck rates went up about 40% 2 weeks ago to meet demand, I would also consider that gouging, and then last week they were begging for loads because demand fell of the charts and there were too many trucks for the available loads. Lastly retailers saw demand they have not ever seen unless they are old enough to remember the produce business from the 1990’s and earlier, I can’t call the gougers because large retail, in my opinion gouges every week. They now have their produce aisles stocked with fresh produce, while much of the rest of the store remains empty and in high demand. This is one of the many topics I will cover in this week’s video plus a host of others to include but not limited to, sustainability, markets, future demand, evolution of the produce business, Colombian avocados and produce rotten tomatoes and a few surprises because I never know where a rant may take me. Watch the video and let’s find out together.

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