My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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Reputation and honor above money and profits

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Let’s celebrate America, the best country on the planet. Today I will take you down some of my memory lane in the business I still love, our produce business. I will take you to a time before computers, email, cell phones, fax machines and even beepers to a time when your honor and character was worth more than money and profits. I will speak about some of the volume 7 retails produce stores did back in the day and you can make comparisons to today’s retailers. Then we will finish up with some current events and the state of the produce business. Finally, a shout out to this years 40 under 40 group and my favorite and a real produce star, Steffanie Katzman. Check out this week’s video, it will be a long one to make up for last weeks shortage. Have a great holiday and check out some of the other links I have posted and will speak about in this weeks video.

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