My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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Produce Marketing Association, it's time to market

Good morning and Happy Thursday! I am sorry that I am a day late this week. I am still recovering from my trip and illness from Colombia. I do expect some very good results from my trip, and I will be heading back in July to try and solidify my endeavors, so stay tuned.

In my never-ending quest to make the produce industry better for all this week I like to discuss the #PMA, yes, our Produce Marketing Association. There is no doubt they are marketing. They market shows all over the country and visit all parts of the world and Market produce to Produce people. Now I am sure that has some merits but why not is the PMA marketing produce to be biggest and by far the best group to increase consumption 5-fold, who is this group? CONSUMERS! Why don’t I see PMA ads on television, educating consumers on the benefits, which there are too many to count, new products, health benefits, shopping tips, storage tips, what’s in season. The list goes on and on. How about a tv or print ad that goes something like this? This Broccoli is abundant right now and can be bought for $.99 a head, add a box of macaroni and you can feed your family this or a chemical laden macaroni and cheese dinner for the same price, which would you prefer? Or this orange cost $.75 same as this bag of potato chips, which one would you want your child to eat. I wrote an article on a couple of years ago called “produce as a luxury item”, I invite you to read it. We are in a battle with chemical added, hyper caloric, innutritious foods which we can win with educating the consumer with the advantages of fresh produce and I think the PMA would better serve the industry leading this charge. I also would invite the retail giants to join in this process of educating consumers. In my article “The produce Manifesto” also on or on my blog at I list #educate as my first pillar because it is the most important part of transforming retail produce and increasing consumption. I invite you also to read this article. In closing let’s get this ball rolling PMA. Let’s allocate some money to educating and advertising to consumers because that is where we as an industry will get more bang for the buck.


Spring here we come! A new month is on the horizon, better weather across the country all spells better demand for all markets. Most market will firm and stabilize of their dramatic lows of last week.

RED PEPPERS. This market will firm and start to move higher. Volume has not been that heavy but demand was lethargic, which led to very cheap prices. Demand will be back and this market can move a few dollars higher relatively soon.

GREEN PEPPERS. The slide may stop here and firm or may move a couple of dollars lower and then firm.

YELLOW AND ORANGE PEPPERS. These will both be lower because they have been in the stratosphere. It’s time to come down to earth.

GREEN AND YELLOW SQUASH. Both were falling like a rock all week. They have to go higher because they can’t get any lower. Old section Mexican squash is all but done and the new squash is beautiful. This market will also firm.

CUCUMBERS Demand is picking up on cukes as well. They have good movement at the $10.95 level and could move a few dollars higher


EGGPLANTS – The hardest market by far to figure the last few weeks. You can buy eggs from $7.95 to $14.95 and the cheap ones are sometimes better than the expensive ones. Florida has volume so I say steady to lower going forward. The one caveat, Lent is not over and the usually have at least 1 spike during Lent.


LIMES More available Prices dropping like a rock


WATERMELONS Demand exceeds supplies

Have a great week see you Sunday!!

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