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Produce from 36000 feet

Good morning from 36,000 feet above Texas. I am on my way to the Nogales produce convention and I hope to see you there. I just wanted to give a brief update today and hopefully some more postings over the next few days from Nogales. We will be packing more Crenshaw melons on Monday and I have to say they are delicious and are worth your consideration. Our organic rapini fields (pictured) are looking great and will be on time for the upcoming holidays, so get ready with the garlic and olive oil for one of my favorite vegetables to eat.


PEPPERS – GREEN, RED, YELLOW AND ORANGE, all are somewhat higher but not as high as I originally anticipated, due largely on the demand side of the equation. The beginning of the month usually brings an uptick in demand but my thinking here because of the Thanksgiving holiday consumers may be holding onto their cash to shop for the holiday. It seems to be the only logical scenario for the lack of demand. RED PEPPERS from California are very short and although there is limited harvesting in Coachella the bulk is still 3 to 4 weeks away. As I have mentioned several times the greenhouse varieties of all the colored bells seem to be overproduced, due to growers replacing peppers with space that was largely use for the growing of tomatoes. I reiterate this does not look like a good year for peppers going forward, unless something drastically changes. In the short term the red pepper market should stay firm for the week or two ahead.

TOMATOES- Basically the reasons peppers are long are the reasons tomatoes are short, well not short but higher pricing. Because of the suspension agreement, growers planted less tomatoes and planted more peppers.

CUCUMBERS. – SS cukes are still maintain the $14.18.95 range and that seems to be stable. There are lots of deals for off grades.

SQUASH – GREEN YELLOW GREY All have seen an uptick in pricing. Just as a point of reference the closer we get to thanksgiving the more I dislike higher priced summer squash, all 3 colors. I have never seen a recipe for Turkey with squash stuffing.

AVOCADOS- Still plenty available for Americas favorite fruit. I have organic avocados available for spot market as well as year round pricing. Call me for details.

LIMES – Prices have come back to earth.

EGGPLANTS. – Mexican eggs started off in the $12.95 to $14.95 range but quickly fell to compete with Southern Eggplants which are more desirable. This market will be in the single digits, quickly.

HARD SQUASH Steady as she goes.

HAVE A GREAT DAY, check back tomorrow for some of my famous produce videos.

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