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Our produce marketing sucks

Happy Sunday, I am posting the links of 2 germinal market tours which had many views this week and people really seemed to enjoy them. Hopefully I can get on the road again soon and visit more markets. This week’s video

This week’s highpoints. I think we are in for a rough ride over the next several months in the produce sphere. My hope that a stimulus package could give us a boost and that the boost will get us to a point of getting back to life as we once knew it.

Next I remember a commercial I use to hear on the radio “ Your Marketing Sucks” I think our marketing and what we market and to whom needs a major revamp. If our associations don’t get on board they will be overboard and all alone before they know it.

Tom’s Karst question on What are the attributes of a good buyer, here is my answer.

Last is the market report which I missed too many items but you all must be use to me by now.

As in most of produce it's always relationships but buying is much more than just relationships. You must know the interrelationships of supply and demand. The cycle of how the products move from area to area. You must know the weather, past present and sometimes the future so you have the knowledge of where markets are headed. I try to know the plantings even before the season starts in a specific area. There are a host of other facts as well. Back to the relationships, my growers, shippers and even my customers know this is a partnership, you have to get invited to the weddings and not only the funerals. My job is to make everyone happy but when that fails the secondary objective is to make sure no-one is too happy while the other is too sad. I always tell the growers and customers I never met a load I could retire on so I rather do one every day, I have kept the same growers and customers for over 25 years, so there must be some value to these ideas. I forgot one of the most important attributes. NEVER trade you good name or character for profits. Your name and reputation is worth much more than any 1 or 2 loads of produce.


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