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Opera voice needed for produce

Happy Sunday and more importantly Happy Memorial Day. In this week’s video I want to continue the discussion of the #usda box program and also want to address our industries voice or lack thereof in our government, please watch and comment.

I am sorry I really don’t want to pick on the companies who won contracts but have no produce experience because there are many thousands of people that are counting on them to succeeded so their families can eat. My dilemma lies in my thought process and the learning curve I have gone through and I am sure most of you had similar experiences. I’ll admit it I am a produce dinosaur. I can remember thinking I was so professional as a young man going to the Hunts Point market with my clip board of things to buy. I soon found out that clipboard was a sign of inexperience and years later as a salesman everyone with a clipboard paid $1 more. Sometimes you are the hammer, sometimes you are the nail, experience get you to be the hammer more often.

An old-time expression that I have used once or twice in my produce life “ I forgot more about this business than you know”, yes, I know a little condescending but usually said in jest but as I get older this becomes more fact than jest. I think about all I have learned in the past 40 plus years and I ponder so many things I still have not learned. Now I put myself in the position on my first day to the Hunts Point Market, clipboard in hand, I buy a raffle ticket for a contract for $40 million and I win the raffle, it had to be a raffle because whom would offer a man a contract with NO EXPERIENCE? I think if I was so lucky to win could I pull it off by myself. Knowing all the lessons I have learned these past years, both good and bad, my answer would be a resounding no. I hope CR8AD8 proves me wrong but in my opinion it’s highly unlikely. I want the USDA to tell us how they came to the conclusion that company was better than companies that do this 24/7/365 for many years? I want the USDA to tell us how he obtained a PACA license in a few days, which takes the rest of us 3 months? Tell us how a company with no trucks, no refrigeration, no warehouse beats out all the companies that have all of them? #usda we need some answers, the produce industry needs some answers,

Do you really want Social media censoring your information? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and on what the read, listen to or the advice of what expert they follow. I personally came from the school of, tell me the information, both sides of the argument and I will formulate my own opinion on the outcome. Where is this going? Joe Rogan who has a great YouTube channel and, in my mind, brings opposing views on a variety of subjects was censored by big tech by not allowing Doctors with opposing views on the Corvid 19 virus and reactions to it. Now you may want to believe everything you are being spoon fed by the government, media and social media and that is your right. I, as I have previously stated like the experts to present their points of view and evidence and I decide which one I think is right. Right from the start the CDC has made absolute claims of the absolute truth which was changed a week or a month later to another absolute truth that contradicted the first. I am not blaming the CDC I am just saying why do I only get the information the CDC gives with no contrarian point of view, which may be but not necessarily be true? Just because the government of high tech picks the scientist they are or have the correct answers? I don't think so. We can debate later on which set of sciences are right and wrong but at least let's get all the information out so we can have that debate. Joe Rogan FYI, censoring does not stop with this virus, it will infect every aspect of our lives. Don't be sheep being led to slaughter.

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