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Now you see me, today you don't

Good morning and Happy Wednesday. I have some very good news for you today. No video. The bad news is Sunday’s video will be twice as long. . The pictures this week are of our TA mangos which will be in McAllen on Friday and some of our red peppers that we are shipping from Mexico. There is also a picture of another page from Gary Blair’s Hunts Point price report, this week it’s the fruit page, give Gary a call if you would like to subscribe to this report.

RED PEPPERS – Continue to be short from California and prices are higher. FOB’s are 16.95 -18.95. There will be a little more volume as we move into the weekend, but prices will remain at these levels until the pipeline gets flowing again…. BUT we are going into the week of the 2’s and that always has a tendency to bring markets lower, faster. New crop Mexican red peppers are a very good option to fill the void California reds have left. They are priced the same or less, with less freight to the Midwest and East. Notice the 2 pictures of red peppers? The first one looks chocolate, and they are. The second is what they look like 2-3 days later.

YELLOW PEPPERS – You will need to go to the Hot house varieties for yellow peppers, none in California yet and probably will not see any until we go to Bakersfield, the first week of July. I can load them in Texas in 11#’s if you need them, Red and orange too.

CUCUMBERS – There are less and less SS from Mexico and prices are higher. $14 t0 $16.95 but plenty of deals on the off grades for much less.

ROMA TOMATOES This market is looking to go higher as some deals are ending and are out of the way. Seems this market always takes a Jump in July, this year does not look any different.

KABOCHA SQUASH Priced reasonable as are all the hard squash category.

MANGOS – I will have TA’s Kent, Hayden, and ataulfos or the next 2 months. It would be my pleasure to set up a program with you, promotions available as well.

Have a great and I’ll see you and you will see me on Sunday.

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