My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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Good morning and HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your mom or your children’s Mom. I lost mine 10 years ago and I miss her every day, don’t take these moments for granted. I married the most awesome Mom 5 years ago. I also have my Daughter Vinessa who will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day today. We have a big weekend going on at our house. My Son Harold turned 19 on Friday, today is Mother’s Day and tomorrow Cristian turns 18. They had a party last night and it must have been a good one because there are 5 boys sleeping in my living room. Oh, how I remember those days. I used to go out on Friday and come home on Wednesday. JLet’s get to produce before I digress to my glory days.

The pictures displayed today are of my friend’s Ali store in Brooklyn NY. I have known Ali for over 20 years. The pictures do not do this store justice, it is more awesome in person and if you are ever in Brooklyn go see for yourself. My friends this is how produce needs to be sold because eye appeal is buy appeal and don’t you agree that everything says buy me? The next big leap in produce will be getting the consumer educated and involved and it takes educated retail help to get you there because they are the front-line educators for the consumer. To win the supermarket war you have to send your produce people highly trained into battle. I think the results speak for themselves.


RED PEPPERS- The market has not changed much from last week, price wise. We have peppers still shipping from Mexico and Coachella Ca. Quotes are from 12.95 to 16.95 on 15# xl and from $15 to $20 on choice. I believe East coast Terminals will be in the $20 range give or take $2 on 15’s and $22 to $25 on large choice a little less on smaller choice.$25 to $28 on 25# xl reds

GREEN PEPPERS – Green peppers are still high priced, currently $20 plus on XL. I believe there will be high quotes to start the week. What troubles me how long we can sustain demand in the terminal in the $25 range, especially after a week of bad weather.

CUCUMBERS – The market is trying to get off the bottom. I think $20 is the right go at the Market level. Fob’s are from$8 to $12 on Supers

EGGPLANTS – There are not too many good ones left in Mexico. You will have to go West to Ca or East to Fl. Market should remain good. I’ll call it $18-$20 0n Fancy

SQUASH – Green and Yellow. The tale of 2 cities. Mexica growers have been short and are winding down and trying to get from $8 to 12 on Green and from $10 to $18 on yellow. Then we have Florida who is starting up and long and are $3 on Green Squash and $6 to $8 on yellow. Terminal business has been somewhere in the middle. On another thought hey Florida tomato big shots, is Florida dumping squash? No, its not dumping it’s produce.

ROMA TOMATOES – This market is a little unsettled. All the players are trying to play but no one has the rule book. This should all be worked out this week. I do expect the market to be higher that the $8.30 previous minimum for this week. Remember I told you in November to take my Roma contracts this year!

WATERMELONS- You need nice warm weather to sell watermelons which we have not had on the East Coast. More melons are available in Mexico, Texas and Florida and I think prices will fall further.

That’s all for now I have to make my perfect wife breakfast and some hungover teenagers’ coffee, LIGHTWEIGHTS. I should teach them how to party like a ROCK STAR, one of my younger day attributes. Have a great day!!

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