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Market report from Colombia

Good morning and happy Wednesday from Colombia! I will be here for 2 more weeks visiting family and avocado and lime growers. This was my reason to come to Colombia several years ago and it remains one of my passions today. Seven years ago, I didn’t do what I set out to do but I am much closer now. I did however score the most perfect wife and we will be married 5 years next month. God has a wonderful way of giving you what you need and not only what you want.

This week I posted an article, please read and share it because we need to be better in marketing and selling produce


RED PEPPERS– Supplies are up a little and I do expect more supplies coming but not in abundance. Demand has been good but not great. I do expect the market to be slightly lower but not cheap in the near future. Yes I have them if you need them.

GREEN PEPPERS – This is the real deal. Peppers are short in Mexico and Florida. Prices will remain high for at least another week

YELLOW AND ORANGE PEPPERS-Both are very short no relief in the next week

JALAPENOS. They are way off their highs and seem to drop a couple of dollars every week

CUCUMBERS – This market has settled down, prices are a little lower. FYI cukes get expensive in March most of the time. This may be the time to get in.

EGGPLANTS – It’s all about the quality. Eggs are from $7 to $14. FYI some brands at $7 are better than the ones for $14.

GREEN SQUASH Remember what I said last week, the elevator when broken does not fall half way down. This market will be lower.

YELLOW & GREY SQUASHSame scenario here but slightly less dramatic

LIMES –Remember I told you in February that March limes would be short and double the price? Well here we are, market is short prices are high and we have them so let me know what you need on beautiful Mexican limes.

AVOCADOS – Prices have come of their highs. We are working with several grower families and can supply you with avocados from Mexico, Peru and hopefully Colombia one day soon. Hopefully you will give me a chance to be your year-round avocado supplier.

Thanks for reading. I will be in Colombia until the 24thof this month, wish me luck?

Have a great day. Watch for my Terminal market report every Sunday.

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