My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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Look who's watching

Look whom HAS BEEN LISTING TO ME? I will not take credit for this but whom has been preaching for several years "that the supermarket battles will be fought in grocery but the war will be done in fresh"?Yup it seems like they got the memo. These two giants can move the ball forward, now all they need to learn is how to buy produce with it's natural ebbs and flows, this will be the next giant move to benefit all from Farmer to consumer as well as the retailer's profits. FYI you will need to hire the best not the cheapest to get this done. PS Don't be insulted if I do not accept your connection request, I only accept from persons associated in the food industry. Click here

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