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Just another day in Produce

Good morning and happy Wednesday. You are not going to believe this but I don’t have too much to say this week. Nothing in the produce world news to get me excited so I will have to entertain you with tidbits this week. First, I noticed there is much expansion in the supermarket world, either they are buying up the competition or building new stores. My opinion here it’s the boom before the bust. Let me explain. I truly believe after all the building, renovations, technology, etc. I still contend that the supermarket wars will be won in fresh. There is no doubt that there are bigger operators that sell vast amounts of produce but bigger does not translate into better. Without mentioning any names there are retail giants that in my opinion sell produce by mistake because their design stinks. Just because you do $1, $10 or $50 billion a year does not mean you couldn’t be better. I said this before, the one chain I am happy to see expanding is Sprouts. I think they have the right mix of talented produce people, nice displays and value pricing. You better watch out supermarket giants, the new kid may beat you.


The cold weather in Mexico last week has made most markets very active. Warmer temperature have returned and we have to be on our toes to figure out what is the real deal?

RED PEPPERS – You will have to indulge me here. In October of last year during the California red pepper deal I predicted this market would not get reasonable until mid-January, January 15thto be exact. It looks like my crystal ball is working perfectly. The party is not over but the fat lady is tuning up. Don’t give up, with all the unpredictable weather this year we are just a cold snap away from the next hot market.

GREEN PEPPERS – Florida volume is not there and is helping to drive the Mexican green pepper market. I think we are topped out for now.

CUCUMBERS – Demand is very good on cukes which is keeping the market steady. The big horses on this item do not have huge volume and the market is steady to a couple of dollars higher.

GREEN SQUASH – Warmer temperatures, phone is not ringing of the hook on the demand side……yet? I think we are done at these prices and the market will retreat.

YELLOW SQUASH – I think steady as she goes here with some downward pressure.

EGGPLANTS – This market was cheap and has now picked up steam. I liked this market last week and I like it for next week.

ROMA TOMATOES – This market will slide back to pre-freeze prices.

PICKLES. – There are not an abundance of pickles but demand is off. Market steady to slightly lower.

Thank you for reading and let’s make 2019 a great year for all of us!


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