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It's raining Avocados in Mexico

Good morning and happy Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and families. While we were feasting Sonora and Sinaloa Mexico were flooding. If you didn’t see my videos, click on this link from Friday’s posting.

it has had over 10,000 views in 1 day. There was obviously no harvesting for a few days for the affected areas and the damage assessment will continue into next week. I’ll admit this looks catastrophic, but I believe in the resiliency of farmers and to be able to overcome the worst situations. I have seen these situations before where it looks like it’s over but then in a few weeks’ time, all is good again. We need some time and some favorable weather to fully understand the magnitude of this situation.

Markets this week will be in a flux. What is usually a week where markets take a dive, will not be the case this year. In fact, you may find that some products are unavailable to load at all, again this may take a few days. Because of this situation a terminal market report would be just a guess this week, based on limited facts. I can tell you that product that has already arrived at the terminal and receivers across this country will be in demand because some products will be in short supply, and impossible to load. The caveat here is this week is one of the worst demand weeks of the year and short supplies may be met with even less demand, which could keep prices in check. In my experience, what has served me well, I buy the facts not the hype. I wait for a true assessment and then buy accordingly. This could mean paying more for product but also protects me from the “pigs get slaughtered” side of the market as well. Buy what you need, if you can get it, not more.

In lieu of a market report here are some observations. Cucumbers, which were short going into the holiday will be very short and priced higher.

Summer squash, peppers, eggplants which all were heading lower may hold their ground and may actually move higher.

Hard Squash – Hermosillo Mexico is a big hard squash production arear and this may be a problem going forward. I will know more tomorrow.

Remember I said that because of the tomato situation that “growers planted 25%-30% more vegetable and much of that in greenhouses. Well that may be a good thing, again only time will tell.

COLOMBIAN AVOCADOS – Finally I will be shipping a few containers a week of these beauties to the USA, fully certified. I can deliver for a fixed price for 6 months or a year. Colombia, unlike other producing countries produce year-round. This is a ground floor opportunity for a wholesaler, retailer and food service distributor. Awesome fruit and an awesome fixed price and only the preferred sizes from 32's to 60's.. Call or email me for the details.

ORGANIC BROCCOLI-RABE – We are cutting and packing this week, I’ll have more pictures on Wednesday’s posting. Plants look great.

I may add more postings this week as I gather more information so check back often.

As soon as I know you will know. Let’s all say a prayer for those farmers that were impacted by this storm. We need to be thankful for all our farmers because without them we don’t eat. Have a great day.

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