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It's only Produce

Good morning from Colombia. I am here for a few more days and it has been a memorable trip. Colombia always grounds me and makes me realize what is important. The people here are wonderful. What always strikes me the most is how happy the people are with the little they have by USA standards. Families live in small spaces, some in hundreds of square feet not thousands of square feet. The family is the center of the universe and generations share those same small spaces but live happily in harmony. It reminds me of the quote “ some people are so poor all they have is money”. I am here with my wife’s family and I am constantly surrounded by love of her mother, aunts, uncle, sisters and brothers. The family visits one another almost on a daily basis and most definitely on a weekly basis, reminds me of my family while I was growing up. Somewhere along the line we get caught up with more, bigger and best and forget what really is important, I know I did, but coming back to Colombia where I met the love of my life, makes me realize what truly are the important things in life and it’s not more, bigger, best.

On the produce front I saw an article in a few different produce publications listing the top 25 produce managers in the country. I would also like to congratulate them on a job well done. I would bet the ranch that if their store looked good it also performed well top line and bottom line. The other take away I noticed is that not one chain had more than one top manager and #Walmart, #Wholefoods, #target as well as many others had none. With thousands of stores you can only get 1 or no top produce manager? You are not following the “Produce Manifesto”( an article I posted on or on my blog post which is to educate your staff and your customers. A great produce manager should be leveraged to create more great produce managers. It is no surprise to me that Walmart, target, Aldi as well as others with the rack system mentality did not make the cut and I would be extremely surprised if any of the top 25 had any them in their stores because they are not conducive to well thought out, beautiful displays. Let’s go Walmart, Target and the rest lets get those managers creativity going to make your stores look and run great with more profits for you. Get rid of the racks and get on the top 25 list for next year.

This week’s market report will be brief. Next week is the last week of the month so demand is down. Unfortunately, spring is here with warmer weather, so volume is up. Demand down and volume up only means one thing, markets will be cheap across the board next week and probably a race to the bottom on most items before they stabilize.

Have a great week and remember “it’s only produce”, family is more important.

If anyone has a produce company in Colombia looking for experienced help let me know, I would love to help you build your business and it was the reason I first came here several years ago and it still remains my mission today but I did score something more sweet than a Colombian mango on that trip, my wife Veronica.

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