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Good morning and Happy Wednesday. Todays will be a totally self-serving post aimed at yours truly, me. First our Crenshaw melons will be ready to ship around the 19th. They will load near El Paso Texas. The fields, Melons and packing house have all been certified and we will ship with no less than 12 brix. Our second crop is organic rapini which will be ready around the 15th of November and go through the new year. Our spring program will consist of conventional and organic peppers as well as many other items. Watermelons and avocados are also on the horizon. Right now we do have organic avocados available for spot, contrac or program buying We can also custom plant and pack to your specifications. The land both organic and conventional is located in Texas as well as Mexico. My intention is to deliver exceptional quality and I would appreciate having you as a happy customer.

Next the PMA is a week away and I am getting excited to being with “my People”. I can’t wait to catch up with new friends and make some new ones. Please let’s get together so we can grow together. After the PMA its off to NYC for a couple of days to see some old and new customers.

In November its back to Colombia for a week to check on the “next big thing”. Lastly mid-December its back to NYC for the New York produce show and my little girls 18th birthday and of course to see my grandson before Christmas. It’s going to be a busy couple of months and lots of opportunities for us to meet in various locations. Let’s do it!

On the proud dad front, I have to congratulate my son Miguel. We found out this past week he is gifted in math and reading, by the way English is his second language. He will be taking the SAT and ACT in a couple of weeks as a 7th grader! Yes there may be a rocket scientist in my future.

Well that is all for now. I will be traveling to California on Sunday to spend some time with our perfect pepper growers for a couple of days before the convention. If you are anywhere between Anaheim and Fresno it would be my pleasure to make a quick detour. Next week lots of videos from the fields, packing houses and the PMA, probably multiple times a day so keep checking on, there are now over 9000 of you following me and I am greatly humbled, THANK YOU. Have a great day and we will see you soon.

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