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It's a bad thing when a good story isn't being told

Good morning and happy Sunday. This week we have a lot to cover. There are a couple of links.

The first is about Lidl going to Long island and disrupting prices. Other retailers had to drop prices an average of 15% in order to stay competitive. This is a direct result of large retailers all following the same failed paradigm for over 20 years and why some major players have fallen by the wayside. The new guy comes with a fairer price structure and they all have to follow because there are no leaders. I have been preaching for 20 plus years to feature fresh and sell it with the natural ebb and flows of price and production. This will give consumers the value they want, retailers the profits they need and farmers the commitment they deserve. Read my lips "LEAD WITH FRESH" Price it right, Stack it high and watch it fly. I have not been in a Lidl store so I can’t comment on their produce, but I will visit as soon as I start traveling again. I can tell you if they are anything like Aldi, they will be easy to beat in fres

I also read an article about citrus consumption increasing significantly, which I believe is a direct correlation to what people will help them ward off covid 19, via vitamin C. There is another chapter to this story. There are several other produce items with the same or more vitamin c bit no one is telling that story. Get your produce people engaged with consumers and you can write a fairytale to success

It’s always about the story some good and some bad and I will share them with you in this week’s video.

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