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Insanity -doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Good morning and Happy Sunday. Before I give you this week’s market report, I would like you to read the articles in the 2-following links. The first link has 2 articles. The first about the independent supermarkets and how well they are doing and the second. In the trenches, is geared to the larger retailers and probably the main reason they are not doing as well. As I have stated too many times to count, independents get it. They are in tune with their customers demands. The second link demonstrates how to fix the larger retailers’ problems, but they will not implement them because no matter how wrong the get it they believe they are doing it right. Just go back to last week’s posting where a major retailer took over an independent and instead of learning from them and changing themselves into winners, they changed the independents into them and made them losers. "Insanity"


RED PEPPERS – We have at least one more week of these prices at the terminal level. During the past week, as previously reported, extreme heat curtailed the harvesting of an already short supply of peppers. The good news is temperatures moderated and we should see a little more supply going forward. The real drag on this fob market for this week is we are nearing the end of the month retail sales the following week, which is always a challenge. I think this week we will still see red peppers being sold at $35 on 15’s and choice. 25# lg/xl could be $50. Supplies were still very short last week as many buyers went without, not any of my customers,

so, demand should still be good. Canada is about 7-10 days away on reds which will also drag on future prices if they have any significant volume. As I have previously stated,” this market will come off its highs, but it does not look like this market will get cheap for the entire California deal. If you need them every week call me now.

YELLOW PEPPERS – There were a few more available and without the built-in demand of reds this market will come off. My best guess would be the same prices as reds at the top and probably a few dollars less at the bottom on both 15’s and 25’s .

GREEN PEPPERS – Too many from too many places. PROMOTE.

CUCUMBERS – Same story go West for the best. The western/Mexico cucumber is very strong and it’s bringing up all the other prices from locals to Canadians. Western SS cukes can easily bring $35 at the terminal level, locals can be $10 less.

ROMA TOMATOES – Many areas now have roma tomato and it will bring down Mexican prices Mexican will still bring a premium but I think a few dollars of their highs. $16-$18 at the terminal. Quality is very good.

Watermelons – End of summer is near and watermelon supplies are here. Prices have come off much, finally. I think bins will be in the $200 range off their $240 highs.

KABOCHA – We have outstanding California Kabocha.

Before you know it, we will be starting or fall Mexican program. We have many items already planted both in Texas and Mexico. In a few weeks I will take some videos of our operation. This coming week I will be in NY/NJ from Tuesday to Friday. I will do a live market report from the market on Wednesday so stay tuned. Thanks for reading I’ll see you on Wednesday.

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