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I want my Produce Naked and environmentally friendly


You know I am not a big fan of RPC’s when used as displays. The concept was to help the environment and to use one box from field to truck to store to display. Well the display aspect sucks and now we find there is no benefit to the environment.

It’s time to make everything old new again. Get that beautiful produce out of those RPC’s out of that unnecessary plastic packaging and display it in all it’s natural NAKED beauty.

I am writing this from 36000 feet on my way to Colombia. I have been working on an avocado program from there for 7 years, before they were allowed into the USA. My goal was to have an uninterrupted supply of avocados at a price that was good for all. Unfortunately, much larger players became involved in the past several years not with the same goals as I. As I have stated many times before my sole purpose is to bring more fresh produce to the masses at reasonable price that all could afford. This has been and remains my mission. The current state of the large retail supermarket paradigm does not support this view. Their view is to push prices down at the grower level and keep prices high at retail to increase profits. The selling more volume at a reduced price does not fit their business plan. Giving farmers less and less for their product is not sustainable for farmers, they need a profit to keep their operation going as well. Large retailers use all the words that consumers want to hear but they are for the most part just marketing tools to get you to feel good and to drive their profits. They typically work on 40% to 400%, that is not a misprint and it is not all large retailers’, but most are guilty. The next part of the evolution will be these same large retailers getting into the farming business and cutting out their existing suppliers and farmers, Walmart has already done this with milk, eggs and I believe beef, can cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and potatoes be far off? They will all tell you that it is for your benefit, more feel-good marketing news, don’t believe it.

During the last decade technology, investments, protected agriculture have increased production per acre dramatically and in many cases reduced cost, but the consumer has not seen that reduction. Food waste in this country is monumental because these retailers don’t believe you will buy more produce when it cost less, I know they are wrong for the most part. If it was true why do, they have sales? Why do they sell more product when the price is right?

Our farmers are capable of growing outstanding quality produce at a reasonable price. Produce should be available for all at a reasonable price when supply dictates. Produce consumption will increase when consumers who previously could not afford fresh produce, can. The large retailer who follows this will see sales increase as well as profits and the battle for grocery supremacy will continue but the war will be won in fresh and especially in Produce. If you are listening and you want to sell more produce and you want to Make America health again by bringing fresh produce to the masses, please call me. We can make Produce great again.


RED PEPPERS – We will be harvesting in Bakersfield beginning next week. Prices should remain the same on #1 product and be less on choices as we come to the end of our current harvesting. Mexican Peppers that are crossing in Texas have serious problems and are cheap for that reason. The market after the 4thof July will be easier.

YELLOW PEPPERS. Peppers are still short but we should see more supplies when Bakersfield begins.

GREEN PEPPERS – Market fell hard and fast, I think it may have a little more to go, especially with local product becoming available.

CUCUMBERS – Market is hot on Western Cukes because that is where you get the quality.

ROMA TOMATOES. I told you so.

WATERMELONS Just watch the weather. The hotter it gets the hotter they get. The reverse is also true.

AVOCADOS – There may be a little relief in site starting next week, maybe a little downward pressure on price with increased supplies.

We are in the planning phase of our organic program. Yes, another attempt to change the organic landscape of the produce business. If successful or should I say when successful with this program and the avocado program I will need one retailer who wants to lead the way forward , is it you?

Have a great week. I hope to have some more videos from Colombia.

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