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Good morning and Happy Sunday and Hello June! Can you believe the year is almost ½ gone already? My Father always said the older you get the faster the years go by. This is a big day, week and month in my home. Miguel graduated from elementary school this past week and he did it with honors and a 100 average in math. I am very proud. Harold graduates today from HS and then on to college. He used to be a honors student but I think his attention was shifted to dancing and woman. I can’t scold him because I resembled that situation many years ago. J

My daughter Alexis will also graduate on June 25thfrom High School in New Jersey also on the Honor roll and she is off to college as well. I will have 2 in college this year and add Cristian next year, so please give me more orders because this is going to get very expensive. J. Lastly my grandson Dane turns 1 on June 28th. I will be in NY/NJ and Philadelphia from June 25 to July 1 and will be visiting as many of you as possible. I will spend most of July in Colombia trying to finalize the deal to bring Colombian avocados into the US.

The deal with 600 certified organic acres in Texas is moving forward. There needs to be some repairs to the facility and then onto the certifications. We are going to try some new and exciting things with this this ranch as well as the 5000 acres we also have across the border in Mexico. If you have been reading my reports for the last 20 years you know I want to shake things up in our industry ,for the benefit of all, well get ready for an earthquake from Texas and Colombia! The growers we have as partners are first rate and their families have been farming for generations. If you need anything grown please call me or email me so we can grow together. My goal is for grower, retail/wholesale, and consumer to receive the very best, healthy and organic fresh produce at a cost that benefits all.


Well the spring deal from Mexico is all but done for a majority of products. Mexico is really never done any longer, as they have pushed their season closer and closer to year-round. I can remember when their season was from November to March, maybe April. Products are available but to compete with locally grown products and high summer freight rates is just not feasible unless markets get hot due to a weather or growing event.

RED PEPPERS – Mexico is all but done with reds, until their summer reds start in a week or 2. There are still some choice available but #1 are not to be found. California has warmed up and the reds started to turn red, finally. I do expect volume to increase but there will also be added demand for the beginning of the month. Prices are stable and I believe will stay at the current levels. Terminal should be $22 plus on 15’s and $26 plus on choice. There will be cheaper choice from Mexico, but California should not be sold at those cheaper prices.

GREEN PEPPERS - I believe this market has reached bottom and due to an uptick. We could see higher FOB’s especially from the West. It may take a week for the terminals to clear out excess inventories but beginning of the month business should increase demand and help flush them out. Market may start to climb higher by the middle of the week.

ROMA TOMATOES – Right on que and nothing to do with the duties on tomatoes. June and July usually bring higher prices for Roma tomatoes and this year is no exception. I think this market can be 12.95 fob by week’s end. Buy sooner rather than later.

LIMES big ones still tight, 150’s and larger, small ones still cheap BUY SMALL ONES. J

SQUASH - This market is much better and looks to stay that way until all the local deals start

WATERMELONS – I am looking at NY weather for the upcoming week and it does not look like demand for watermelons will be up. There are more supplies available, market steady to lower.

DEMAND drives our markets and there is no better time than the beginning of a month for demand to increase. I like all markets this week solely based on demand.

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