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Happy Valentines day! Your relationship with AI sucks

Happy Valentine’s day, your relationship with AI sucks

Is AI ( Artificial Intelligence) going to work in produce when the building block for it was NI ( No Intelligence) . I am by no means tech savvy; in fact, I tell people I know enough to get me into trouble but not enough to get me out of trouble. I do know the old term when it comes to computing, “garbage in equals garbage out”.

What if 30 years ago all the schoolteachers were replaced and the new crop of no experienced teachers had a new set of rules, where up was down, down was up, in was out and out was in? 30 years later, you would have adults thinking up was down, down was up, etc. Let’s narrow that down. What if 30 years ago, people who knew nothing about produce came up with a totally different set of rules, maybe rules that applied to other industries, but not necessarily to produce? Replaced all the experienced help with inexperienced low-cost help, who would not question their indoctrination. They tried to fit fresh produce into a neat box and 30 years later they still won’t admit that it didn’t fit, and it is time to change the box. These are the same leaders of major retail produce chains and supermarkets, that hire 3 months out of college grads to become produce buyers. They buy on contract because many of the buyers don’t understand produce cycles. They try to pay farmers less and less and charge consumers more and more, 300% to 600% is not a misprint. They are out of touch with market cycles of gluts and gaps and don’t lower retail pricing when there is an overabundance of product. Their reasoning is “ people won’t buy more”, my answer to them then why do you put items on sale and maybe you will get more people to buy.

Many of today’s leaders learned in a broken system. It’s not their fault that all they learned 30 years ago by some business school grad, that produce could be sold like you sold widgets. They did this because they knew nothing about produce. So, let’s get back to my opening sentence, what if all the information they are using to help AI increase produce sales and efficiency is bad information, do we then do the wrong things faster?

Then maybe a little deep dive into technology and produce. It may increase production, efficiency, transparency but will it ever replace the relationships that are integral in produce?

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