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Happy Sunday from Barranquilla Colombia. I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving for you and your families. I am truly thankful for all of you and I do appreciate you following me on this site. If I could give you one bit of advice this year, which has been part of my message for the past several years, be Thankful for what you have and don’t focus on what you don’t have or think you want. It seems we all want more, more, and more but we are truly blessed for what we already have. I personally have been a victim of the more syndrome but as I became older what is the most important becomes crystal clear and I can assure you it’s not materialistic possessions. Please enjoy these days with your family and friends, enjoy the time off, enjoy the fabulous food and celebrate your awesome life because I can guarantee you there are people in this world that wish they were you. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Those pics are our organic rapini fields just waiting to be harvested and sent to you. My mouth can’t wait for my Broccoli rabe and sausage sandwich and yes recipe and cooking instructions are included.

Terminal Market Report

RED PEPPERS – Well its now or never for prices to hit $35 for 15# as promised last week. The market ended the week $32-$34 but the demand was nothing special. Choice red peppers should be $32 to $36. This should change this week. I can tell you it is now or never for the next 2 weeks because we will have a slight increase in supplies from Coachella and Mexico staring in December and we will have a big drop off in demand for next week and the following week. There will also be many more 11# peppers from Israel, Mexico and then Europe, after December 1.

GREEN PEPPERS – More supplies are coming and the same big drop off in demand after this week.

CUCUMBERS – They were short for most of the week and generally quoted at $18.95 for most brands. This may be the one item that prices will not fall after the holiday. Demand can easily bring this market to the $30 plus range at the terminals.

GREEN SQUAH – I have to warn you I have a 40-year prejudice with green squash. Let me explain; first, squash is not a big holiday item, never has been but it gets caught up in the holiday pull and usually crashes the week of the holiday. In the last 20 years due to cold and a hurricane this has not happened. My other prejudice is when the squash market hits 16.95 and more, especially during holiday time. Most of the time without the afore mentioned weather events, that market usually crashes as well. Luckily, only one or two shippers quoted that price so we have a chance. Terminal prices will stay south of $20 and could be far south going into next week.

EGGPLANTS – This is an item I also put in the not for the holiday items, but it seems that supplies could not keep up with normal demand and prices were legitimately higher. The question for next week will be if the large drop off in demand is even less that the short supplies, which could be extubated by even a small increase in supplies. This week Eggplants should easily be $20 plus.

ROMA TOMATOES – Good news coming, better supplies in December.

AVOCADOS – New week same pricing.

Check back later or tomorrow for our Colombian Christmas Party. Have an Awesome day and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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